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JustGo is the membership platform for Pony Club Australia of which all Pony Club Victoria clubs, zones and the state members will utilise moving forward.

Pony Club Victoria will add on this page latest developments, tips and tricks and other information related to the membership platform.

For assistance please contact support@ponyclubaustralia.com.au or membership@ponyclubvictoria.org.au


The JustGo email system is available for communication to your members.  To learn more about how to use the email system please download the ‘JustGo Emails’ document.


  1. Firstly, a member has to connect to a club so we can present the appropriate club membership to them.  This is picked up for a new member from the initial sign-up screen.  Only one Club or Riding School is permitted to be connected to. The exceptions to this are Direct State “virtual” clubs that are used by some states for providing direct Coach membership.  This lies outside of the one club restriction.  On linking a club, any associated Zone and State is also linked to the member.
  2. PCA require every new member to be approved by the club before being able to offer membership.  JustGo has been configured to hide membership until a member is approved to that club.  As soon as the approval happens, then the memberships are available.  An email through Email Management can be enabled to notify the member that they can now go in and purchase membership.  In most cases this is enabled.
  3. Moving from one club to another is facilitated by a transfer request and approval process. The member will not be transferred until all the approvals happen.
  4. For States with Direct membership or Coach membership only offered through the State, then a State “virtual” club can be linked which will enable them to purchase the direct memberships.  This does not fall into the one club to one rider rule.
  5. A club adding an Existing Member to their club allows the connection to additional clubs, but it is initiated by an admin and requires the member to click on the invite link.  A member cannot initiate this.  Note, this will bypass the one rider to one club link, but is audited and provides a mechanism for allowing certain members to have more than one club with legitimate reasons.

Download the link below to see step by step process through JustGo.

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