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The Off the Track program aims to support and promote thoroughbreds in post-racing careers through promotion of the breed, education and supporting owners of OTT’s.

Racing Victoria acknowledges the important role Pony Club Victoria, its clubs and members play, in caring for OTT horses post their career in racing.  The OTT horse is known for its versatility, athleticism, striking appearance and intelligence, making them ideal for pony club riders.

Racing Victoria has recently launched the Off The Track Community.

The Community allows OTT owners and riders to claim ownership of an OTT horse, learn about post-racing pathway options and register as a horse’s emergency contact. You can also find an Acknowledged Re-trainer, explore the latest OTT news, and care tips and access exclusive member events. Visit

Off The Track would like to reward members who own or ride an OTT thoroughbred through sponsorship of events.  Off The Track prizes can only be provided to a rider who competed on an OTT horse.  Any thoroughbred horse bred to race that has been Stud Book-registered, either domestically with the Australian Stud Book or internationally is eligible. Off The Track can assist with identifying horses if required, please feel free to email:

OTT Event Sponsorship for Clubs & Zones

Pony Club Victoria has partnered with Racing Victoria’s Off The Track Program to provide event sponsorship opportunity for clubs and zones.  To receive sponsorship, an application must be completed in full.  The club/zone will need to accept and fulfil all terms and conditions to the best of their ability.

To ensure that sponsorship is spread across many events, OTT trophy rugs and other OTT prizes cannot be awarded to all classes at your event.  It is suggested event organisers introduce a highpoint system to determine your ‘Best Performed OTT Thoroughbred’ winning combination/s or use the sponsorship in sections where you expect the majority of OTT horses will compete.

Please note we cannot guarantee sponsorship or amount of product chosen. You will be contacted advising of success or otherwise and what product is available at the time of application.


OPTION 1: Off The Track Prize Packs Value $20

OPTION 2: Racing Victoria Saddle Pad Value $70 

OPTION 3: Off The Track embroidered rug value $100**

**Special events only

Rug is embroidered ‘Best Performed Off The Track Thoroughbred’.



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