SportsCONNECT is about helping pony club riders with a disability participate on a more level playing field.

How does Sports CONNECT work?
Riders with a disability can apply for an exemption to enable them to compete more easily or evenly. Examples of an exemption might be having a dressage test called for someone with memory issues or a special piece of equipment to help ride if a limb is missing or not as strong.

I have a disability, how do I apply for an exemption?
An exemption can be obtained by completing the SportsCONNECT Exemption form detailing the exemption required to participate fully in Pony Club.

An exemption form can be requested by emailing

How does the exemption work?
A SportsCONNECT card and a letter will be provided which riders submit to organising committees when entering competitions.

What happens once I apply?
Riders who have restricted inclusion in competition or participation as a direct result of their condition (disability) have the opportunity to apply for an exemption from a rule(s) providing the exemption does not give them an unfair advantage over their competitor.

The application is made in the following way.

  1. The rider requests a Pony Club Australia Application for Exemption form from the Pony Club Association State/Territory Office.
  2. The document is completed and submitted with medical evidence.
  3. The Coaching Director or State/Territory appointed personnel will manage your application. If evidence is required, you may be requested to provide some video footage or a practical viewing of the rider on their horse.
  4. If the application is accepted an exemption card (valid for 2 years) is prepared and sent to the rider with a letter of explanation to be forwarded to organizing committees of competitions, Pony Club DC etc to clarify the use of the exemption card on behalf of the applicant.
  5. If the applicant is unsuccessful with their request they may make one appeal via their State or Territory Pony Club Association as per the Pony Club Grievance process.

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