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Rules Of Incorporation

Download The Rules Of Incorporation

Download the Pony Club Victoria rules of incorporation. The document includes;

  • Guidelines for how the association operates
  • Sets out the association’s purposes
  • Lists the rights and responsibilities of members and office holders.

Governance Structure

Our People

To view the members of the PCV Board, Staff and Committees, please visit the Our People section of the website.

Strategic Plan


Pony Club is unique and is a brand that differentiates itself in a market that is saturated with equestrian offerings. Without a unique Pony Club brand, we are no different from any other equestrian organisation and it is essential our brand remains at the core of everything we do. For Pony Club to remain sustainable for the benefit of our members present and future, we need to ensure that the integrity of our brand and product is maintained, developed, promoted and protected through everything we do.


Pony Club Victoria is created on clear fundamental principles and is the foundation on which the organisation conducts its business to members,  member clubs, stakeholders and the broader community. These foundations are:

  • Creating a culture of Good Governance for PCV, zones and member clubs
  • Supporting a Pony Club that is accountable, and sustainable, through innovative and creative programs; and
  • The reason we exist is for our clubs and our members.

Our pillars are our over-riding strategic objectives and contain our Strategic Goals. This is the core structure on which our Brand is built and is essential in growing our business. This strategic plan identifies clearly that our Riders and our People are our key strategic focus, with our Business essential to support delivery.

Each Strategic Goal area is supported by a number of Actions designed to help achieve these goals. Each Action has required Outcomes to be achieved. In developing our Actions each outcome from an Action must align with our Brand, Our Values and Founding Principles. Action items inform our Operational plans.

This plan has been developed and adopted by State Council through consultation with our committees, input from the State Conference 2018 Strategic Planning, staff of PCV, stakeholders, SRV and from the feedback received from on-the-ground visits to clubs, zones and their events.

Download The Strategic Plan


Pony Club is the first choice for a fun, inclusive experience for young people and families in a safe, educational environment that teaches horsemanship skills and equestrian opportunities.

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