Mounted Games/Pony Games is great fun for you, your pony and can be ridden in teams or individually. Riders develop skills such as improving accuracy, agility, concentration, speed, hand to eye coordination, team work and sportsmanship  whilst having lots of fun playing some imaginative games.

How Do I Get Involved?

There is no need to purchase expensive equipment. When you are riding at home, you can use everyday objects to practice different techniques that you need for the races. For example, you can set up five buckets and practice bending in and  out of them.

Check out the Pony Club WA resource for ways to build games equipment at home or at your club.

You can have lessons with a coach who can teach you and your pony how to perfect your skills.

Lessons that you have at rallies and training days can also give you the opportunity to improve your riding and pony’s games training. Check our State Calendar for opportunities to join a training or competition day here:  (add a link to  calendar)

How Do I Progress Further?

There are many opportunities for you to take part in Games. You can join a team with your club and compete at local friendly competitions. For the more competitive Members there are qualifying competitions which are held in your zone and  can provide an opportunity to compete at State level.

For the more advanced teams, there is also the opportunity to take part at National or International level. The fun never stops!


Interested in games and don’t know how to get started?  Join one of our training days.  No previous experience necessary.  Coaches are also able to attend and gain mentoring toward learning the skills of teaching games.

  • West Gippsland Zone Games Training Day – Philip Island Pony Club April 30.  Come& try/WGZ & SMZ Games Qualifier  Sunday  1st May.  For  more  information  or  to  enter  follow  link  below.

State Championships 

Each year Pony Club Victoria hosts a State Championship Event.

In 2022 the PCV Kay Irving Games State Championships will be held alongside the Ian Wardell Musical Ride and Flat Teams rides.

The 2022 event will be held at Woodlands Pony Club (formerly Tullamarine Pony Club) on Saturday 25th June, while the Flat and Musical rides will be held on Sunday 26th June.

To enter, competitors need to attend their zone qualifying event and from there be selected to ride for their zone at the State Championships.  Please contact your Zone Representative to find out more about when your zone qualifier is being held and where.


The following events will be played in 2022:

  1. Bending/Baton Relay
  2. Mug Race
  3. Carton Race
  4. Sock & Bucket Race
  5. 2 Flag Race
  6. Baton Relay
  7. Milk Bottle Race
  8. Flag and Drum Relay (at State level flags will not be attached to the poles)

***Events 1 – 8 require a Team of 6 Riders***

At State Level, each heat in Games Events will comprise Five Teams.

To view each game & instructions on how to play follow this link: 2022 State Games List & Rules

To view the 2022 team of four ride routine, pairs team ride, and find further details about the unrehearsed ride follow this link: 2022 Flat Teams Rides

For tips on how to create a fabulous musical ride follow this link: Musical Ride Hints 2022

To find out more about preparing a team for games or a flat/musical routine, please do not hesitate to contact your Zone Representative or Zone Chief Instructor.

Games Rules

Ball & Bucket Race

Botttle Race

Flag & Drum Relay

Socks & Bucket Race

Three Mug Race

2 Mug Shuffle

Ball & Cone Race

Pony Club Pole Race

Pyramid Race

Stepping Stones Relay

Tool Box Scramble

Bending Baton Relay

Fishing Race

Postman's Chase

Stick Pegging Relay

Sword Lancers

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