Pony Club Australia Coach Accreditation System

Pony Club Victoria encourages and supports coaches and prospective coaches to gain the nationally recognised qualification of the Pony Club Australia (NCAS) Foundation, Preliminary or Level 1 coaching accreditation courses.


The Pony Club Australia (PCA) course structure and delivery methods make the system very attractive and affordable for coaches and prospective coaches. Prospective coaches from the absolute beginner to the more experienced can work through the courses at their own pace depending on their level of experience and obtain access to assistance through state, zone or club run training opportunities. The main features of the course structure are:

  • Flexible Course Delivery – work at your own pace, work with a mentor, attend workshops and clinics etc
  • Competency Based Assessment including by video (state approval required)
  • Recognition of Current Competency – people gain skills and knowledge in many ways, by formal training or life and work experience.  Email PCV Coaching Director to discuss  if you are eligible for any RPL ncas@ponyclubvic.org.au
  • First Aid Certificate is not required but is highly recommended and does carry points when updating your accreditation.

The levels are:

  • Foundation (new course – enrolments opening soon)
    • Aimed at senior riders, parents and beginners to coaching. Aimed at coaching E proficiency certificate level riders.
  • Preliminary
    • This is the second level and set at the D/D* proficiency certificate level and is a pre-requisite for Level 1
  • Level 1
    • This is aimed at coaches teaching C/C*/K proficiency certificate level
  • Level 1 Mounted Games Specialist
    • Coaches must have Preliminary Coach qualification and complete Modules 1,2, Module 3 (3.1 to 3.5 only) of Level 1.
  • Level 2 is currently under consideration (subject to funding) for development.


Step 1. Ensure you are a ‘Coaches-Victoria Direct’ coach with Pony Club Victoria.  Membership can be purchased by logging into JustGo here: Login – JustGo

Step 2. Purchase your manual from Pony Club Australia through the National Shop on JustGo.  Or alternatively email info@ponyclubaustralia.com.au.  The cost is $52 and they will post your manual to your nominated address.

Step 3. Purchase your training and assessment package with Pony Club Victoria.  The cost is $100.  Coaches can attend as many state-run training & development clinics until accreditation is achieved.  It also covers the cost of your assessment.  This package can be purchased from our website SHOP here: Preliminary Coach Training & Assessment Package – Pony Club Victoria

Step 4. Pony Club Victoria will provide coach with the Preliminary worksheets via email after the training and assessment package has been purchased.  The worksheets can be printed and filled or completed online.  PCV will also assist with finding mentors to help your coaching journey and coaches can book to attend any of the clinics – check our events calendar Upcoming Events – Pony Club Victoria or clinics page for more details of when these are held. Clinics – Pony Club Victoria


Step 1. Ensure you have a current coach membership through JustGo with Pony Club Victoria Coaches Direct. Login – JustGo

Step 2.  Purchase your manual and worksheets together from our SHOP.  We will post to you.  The package includes your training and assessment and total cost is $180 PCA NCAS Level 1 – Pony Club Victoria Enrolment fees – Pony Club Victoria

Step 3.  Book to attend any of the clinics – check our events calendar Upcoming Events – Pony Club Victoria or clinics page for more details of when these are held. Clinics – Pony Club Victoria

If you wish to discuss coaching further, please contact the Pony Club Victoria Coaching Director:

Email: ncas@ponyclubvic.org.au

Phone: (03) 8685 8925

Available: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9am-4pm.


If your qualification has lapsed, please complete the forms below and email to ncas@ponyclubvic.org.au

Coaching_Activity_Sheet 2020 (003)

Policy PCA Coach Update Sept 2020


A great coach is always prepared with an assortment of great lesson plans. You can find some wonderful lesson plan resources for purchase in our website SHOP here Products – Pony Club Victoria

Pony Club NSW also has some great lesson plans on their website here: Lesson Plans | Zone 16 Pony Club

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