Club Committee Roles

The president is the leader of the club. They are elected by the club members and responsible for representing the views of the members.


  • Can communicate effectively
  • Keep meetings on track and promote focused discussion
  • Is well informed of all organisation activitiesIs aware of the future directions and plans of members
  • Has a good working knowledge of the constitution, rules and the duties of all office holders and subcommittees
  • Is a supportive leader for all organisations members.


  1. Be enthusiastic and inclusive
  2. Be decisive and prompt
  3. Be a supportive leader for all club members
  4. Listen to all involved and encourage input from all committee members
  5. Foster working relationships with local government, the zone and Pony Club Victoria
  6. Facilitate club activities
  7. Ensure planning and budgeting for the future is carried out in accordance of the wishes of the members. Always ask yourself, ‘does this decision align with the long term plan?’
  8. When making decisions, consider the potential implications
  9. Assess yourself regularly. Reflect on your role and how you are going.
  10. Upskill. Look for training run by Pony Club Victoria, your Zone or externally.


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The Vice President works closely with the President stepping in when the President isn’t available to undertake tasks.

The Vice President should assist the President in developing and implementing strategic planning and setting long term goals for the club.


Position Description

The secretary is involved with the smooth running of the club. They are involved with the day to day correspondence, database management and the effective running of meetings. In Victoria, the secretary is also the clubs nominated Consumer Affairs liaison (Public Officer). You can find more information on the consumers affairs website here.


  • Is organised
  • Has computer skills
  • Can communicate effectively
  • Is well informed of all organisation activities
  • Understands member privacy


  1. Plan. The secretary and committee can develop an annual planner and mark in all key dates, meetings, competitions, training, and holidays. The planner can help the committee keep abreast of the administrative tasks, easing the secretary’s load.
  2. Be methodical. Create a process for each task. Creating easy to follow processes makes handing over much easier.
  3. Delegate. Just because the secretary takes the minutes does not mean that they have to complete all the actions! Make sure that every action has a person linked to them.
  4. Ask for help. The role of the secretary can be broken into smaller jobs. Encourage roles such as Card Secretary, Certificate Coordinator or Database manager to help ease the load.
  5. Remain impartial. Record the minutes impartially. Try not to get caught up in debated discussion.


Position Description

Role Of The Secretary

Consumer Affairs Victoria

The treasurer is responsible for keeping records, reporting, and ensuring that financial processes are in place.


  • Is well organised
  • Can allocate regular time periods to maintain the books
  • Can keep good records
  • Can work in a logical orderly manner
  • Has some experience in managing finances.
  • Experience in accounting packages can be useful


  1. Keep the club’s financial affairs as simple as possible.
  2. Be methodical. Create a process for each task. Creating easy to follow processes makes handing over much easier.
  3. Be prompt banking and making payments.
  4. Issue receipts for all monies received.
  5. Do not issue petty cash without receiving all receipts.
  6. Reconcile the bank statement regularly.
  7. Report the past, present and future financial progress, and position of the club to all committee meetings and the AGM.
  8. Be transparent. Satisfy members that their funds have been managed honestly and effectively.
  9. Clearly distinguish between capital, revenue, and expenditure.
  10. Regularly audit the procedures and processes.


Position Description

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When you take on the role of a committee member, you will be helping shape and direct the culture of the club.

You can choose how this power will impact people – for good or for bad.

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