All pony club riders will achieve Pony Club Australia Proficiency Certificates as part of their journey at pony club.  The certificates begin at E, D, D*, C, C*, K, B and conclude at A. The A certificate is recognised internationally.

Riders aged 14 years or old and who have been at pony club for more than 2 years, must have achieved the C at a minimum in order to compete at state events.

Clubs should use the Pony Club Victoria Certificate Assessment sheets when developing their rally plans for riders so they progressively worth through the levels.  These assessment sheets have directives for assessors and guide the rider on the requirements to achieve competency.

For instructions on how to purchase a certificate manual, go to: PCA – How to order manuals and other merchandise

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Equitation Science

Pony Club in Australia has just undergone one of the biggest changes in its 80-year history, with the introduction of a new syllabus which includes equine welfare and equitation science.

The new syllabus continues to build on Pony Club members’ riding, horsemastership and horse knowledge skills blending 80 years of sound knowledge and training, with new scientific knowledge about rider safety, horse behaviour and welfare.

Find out more on the PCA wesbite at: EQUITATION SCIENCE

Learn more about Equitation Science at our Pony Club Victoria YouTube Page

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