Medical Services for Pony Club®

Medical Services for Pony Club® Activities

Rider safety is Pony Club Victoria’s (PCV) number one priority, and PCV fully supports the standardisation of medical requirements across our disciplines.

However, we appreciate the new challenges clubs, zones and the state office will face when conducting Pony Club® activities under the Pony Club Australia (PCA) Minimum Medical Standards (MMS) framework. PCV and PCA will provide support and guidance to help you understand and meet the framework requirements to provide the safest environment for our riders at all Pony Club® rallies and events. The PCA website (About > Policies and Resources > Risk Management) contains the up-to-date framework, and we recommend you use the electronic version as printed copies may not be current.

We are building a set of resources to make it easier for you, the first four of which are ;

  • a table summarising the MMS requirements by discipline,
  • a guide to completing the variation application
  • where to find medical services or first aid providers, and
  • a first aid training FAQs

These supporting documents can be found at the end of this page.

Clubs have expressed concern regarding the cost of mandated medical requirements, especially for activities that require paramedic services. Clubs can set an appropriate medical levy in addition to the competition entry fee to cover paramedic costs; indeed, some clubs have already successfully used this system. We suggest you clearly outline the medical levy separately on the entry form.

The current MMS also includes a Variation Consent Application for use where an event organiser cannot meet the targeted level of mandatory medical services. In this circumstance, event organisers can submit an alternative proposal to PCV’s office for review and risk assessment. PCV has a panel of appropriately skilled people who will assess variation applications, and the office can help clubs understand the appropriate information required to expedite a decision. Proof of relevant mandated medical services or an approved variation will form part of the zone event approval process; therefore, clubs must allow sufficient time in their event planning to allow for this.

PCV has representation on the PCA National Safety Committee which will monitor the roll-out of the MMS across Australia. We will continue to work with our colleagues across the country to continuously improve the MMS to ensure Pony Club® activities remain as safe and accessible as possible.

The PCV staff is happy to help clubs; please reach out if you have any queries.

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