Bylaws Rule Amendments

Bylaws Rule Amendments

The Pony Club Victoria Rules Committee has undertaken a review of our Bylaws, to which the Board has approved amendments to the current Handbook of Bylaws (2021).


Whilst the 2021 Handbook of Bylaws is still current, three key amendments need to be noted by all members.


1. Rules 1 – 12 (except Rule 8):

Rules 1-7 and 9-12 remain current and active.  The only exception to this is where a rule contradicts on contravenes the current Pony Club Victoria Rules of Incorporation.

The 2021 Handbook of Bylaws can be found at: 2021 Handbook of Bylaws

The current Rules for Incorporation can be found at: Rules of Incorporation


2. Rule 8 Amendment:

The Amended Rule 8 includes an addition of Rule ‘8.2.b  Riding members aged 18yrs and over”.

The Amended Rule 8 document can be found at: Amended Rule 8

This amendment is to supersede Rule 8 in the current Handbook of Bylaws (2021).


3. Rule 13-43 Amendment:

The Amended Rules 13 to 43 have undergone a variety of changes.

The table of changes can be found at: Bylaws Table of Amendments

The Amended Rules 13-43 document can be found at: Bylaws Rule 13-43 Amendments

These amendments are to supersede Rules 13-43 in the current Handbook of Bylaws (2021).


For more information regarding the Bylaws and the above amendments, please contact the Pony Club Victoria Rules Committee via




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