Voucher Update

We’re excited to announce that Round 4 applications for the Get Active Kids Voucher Program using the true voucher model are now open! This means applicants no longer have to incur any up-front expenses in order to claim a voucher!

Applicants will now apply for a voucher, get given a voucher code and when they register or pay their membership fee, the Club will register the code and then take the cost off the registration and/or membership fee of up to the value of $200 (as well as any included uniforms and/or equipment).

This means that the applicant will need to give their voucher code to the club (and any additional money if the membership is over $200) and the club will purchase the membership on their behalf. The club will then Log in to the Activity Provider Portal to validate and redeem the voucher. The club will be reimbursed by the Department within 30 days.

The club will need to have already registered to be a Get Active Kids Activity Provider. If your club hasn’t alread registered, you can register here.

Important notes for redeeming vouchers:

  • Participants can only present their voucher to the registered Get Active Kids Activity Provider that they have nominated when applying for a voucher.
  • The parent/guardian of an eligible child will give you an approved voucher code when registering with your club or organisation.
  • You will reduce the child’s membership or registration fees by up to $200.
  • Log into the Activity Provider Portal to validate and redeem the voucher. Enter the code and name of the participant.
  • The club will be reimbursed by the Department within 30 days.

You must redeem the voucher within specified timeframes to receive payment.

Vouchers issued in Round 4 of the Program must be redeemed between Monday 21 March 2022 and Tuesday 14 June 2022.

How to pay for a riders membership via the club

Once the member has paid the difference (if required) and given the club their approved voucher code, the club will need to purchase the membership on behalf of the member. To do this:

  1. Find the club member
  2. Click on Memberships
  3. Click on Buy/Review Memberships
  4. Select the Club
  5. Click on Renew or Add your Membership
  6. Select the rider’s appropriate membership type
  7. Follow the prompts to checkout

Note: You must have club administrator access to be able to process members fees.

If you have any questions, please contact development@ponyclubvic.org.au

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