Membership Card Update

Thank you, Pony Club Victoria members, for your patience as Pony Club Australia transitions all Victorian membership to the JustGo membership system. There have been several challenges to iron out, and we are working with the JustGo service provider and Pony Club Australia, as best we can.


This communication is to advise how you can show proof of membership and proof of current details including grading and attendance.

Currently the new national system is unable to provide Pony Club Victoria the data in a way that we can print cards that have all member details – for instance name, club, grading, membership type – all the information our cards need. What that means is cards cannot be sent out until the data can be provided. However, there are work arounds.


How to show proof of membership and other time critical details like grading and attendance: 

  • Riders need to prove membership by providing a JustGo printable membership form, or a screenshot of it –
  • Use the 2021 membership card to evidence attendance at rallies and current grading.


DC’s and Card Secretaries:

For  combinations that have been regarded in 2022 

    •  new gradings may be recorded on the 2021 card and signed by the DC.
    • The usual process can then be followed by transferring to the 2022 cards when you get them.


Recording rallies in January 2022

    • these can be recorded  on the 2021 card and transferred when the 2022 cards arrive


Again, thank you for your perseverance, hopefully we are all nearly there.

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