The Victorian Government has announced COVID-19 restrictions are being updated to ensure Victorians enjoy more freedoms this festive season, while the Omicron variant is monitored and investigated.

An update to the pandemic orders has been released. Pony Club Victoria have reviewed our directives. Find below the latest directions for clubs and members to follow with any changes to previous release, highlighted in yellow.

Effective immediately:

Therefore at Pony Club Victoria competitions and events we deliver or sanction patrons aged 18 years or over must be fully vaccinated or an exempted person except where:

  • Proof of Pony Club Victoria membership can’t be provided
  • The activity is accessible to people who are not members of Pony Club Victoria (thisapplies to participants and helpers only, spectators need not be members) o For instance, event has an open section
  • The grounds or venue do not meet community sport criteria
    o For example, they have retail, trade stand or coffee/food van
  • Members are in an official capacity

o For example, they are attending the activity as a course designer, judge or a



  • QR Check-in must be used with Check-in Marshal in place.
  • All indoor and outdoor events with less than 30,000 fully vaccinated attendees will be ableto proceed with no special approval. A Covid-Safe plan is required. COVIDSafe Plan | Coronavirus VictoriaUnstaffed social sport (setting for example where casual ride at grounds takes place) Club grounds can open for everyone:
  • Vaccination status is not required to be confirmed.
  • Clubs should ensure that their grounds have appropriate signage for patrons to check inusing the government QR system.
  • A Covid Check in Marshal is not requiredStaffed community sport (setting where the activity is organised by the club and exclusive use of space can be provided to conduct activities for patrons)
    Club grounds, including those with indoor or outdoor facilities are open:

• People under 18 will no longer be required to show proof of their vaccination status at all


  • Vaccination status is not required to be confirmed for community sport
  • Community sport settings do not apply (eg; vaccination waivers will not apply) if the sportactivity/venue hosts pop up shops, trade stalls, food vendors, coffee vans etc.

o Full vaccination settings will be in place for all patrons in these instances.
o A Covid Check-in Marshal must verify vaccination status using the QR system

  • Clubs should ensure that adequate signage is available for patrons to QR Check-in
  • A Covid Check-in Marshal is required to confirm people Check-in, however they do notneed to check vaccination status
  • Toilets can open for everyone
  • First aid is open for everyone
  • Spectators are permitted
  • We highly recommend shared equipment be cleaned between users
  • All clubs should maintain an up to date and accessible CovidSafe plan. One plan can be

created to cover all types of activities and events that may be held.

Coronavirus Victoria

• Face masks are no longer required but should be carried with you. RALLIES/TRAINING

  • Rallies/training can proceed without group or density limits
  • We highly recommend shared equipment be cleaned between users

COVIDSafe Plan |

  • Social distancing and hygiene requirements to be followed
  • Face masks are no longer required but should be carried with you.
  • Can operate under community sport settings if exclusive use of space can be achieved(eg; not sharing clubrooms/toilets/arenas etc with another sporting group or equestrian activities) and not providing pop up shops/coffee vans/food vans/trade stalls etc.
  • Club must check with landowner (eg; council) for any requirements that they might require you to follow.
  • Once the day of sport has ceased, if patrons continue to gather and socialise (eg; BBQ/ camping at grounds/use of clubrooms), then settings change to fully vaccinated.
  • Lunchtime gathering is part of community sport settings. Please ensure members are following social distancing measures. Hygiene and physical distancing | Coronavirus Victoria
  • Canteens can operate for take away only if vaccination status is not being checked. Canteen staff to wear face masks as per hospitality guidelines.RIDERS / PARTICIPANTS / SPECTATORS / COMPETITORS
    • Where vaccination status requirements apply, these relate to individuals aged 18 years or over.
    • Everyone attending a pony club must continue to Check-in
    • We highly recommend shared equipment be cleaned between users
    • Patrons are encouraged to practice the CovidSafe principles


  • In addition to the above relating to premises, there is a requirement for employers to ensure all staff working at or in relation to a facility used for sport are either fully vaccinated or partially vaccinated (second dose due before 26th November 2021) as per the Covid-19 Vaccination Workers Directions. This requirement supplements employers health and safety obligations and applies to paid coaches and paid administrators of the sport.
  • Directions issued by Victoria’s Chief Health Officer | CLUB ROOMS / CANTEENS / FIRST AID / TOILETS
  • Toilets are open to all patrons
  • First aid area is open to all patrons
  • Club rooms, no access for unvaccinated patrons
  • Canteen

o Unvaccinated – take away only o Fully vaccinated – open
o Stafftowearfacemasks

• Changerooms
o Whenacanteenisoperating,thechangeroomsareonlyaccessibleforfully

vaccinated patrons (eg; at rallies, events, clinics).
o Opentoallatallothertimes(eg:whenvenueisaccessedforcasualuse).


  • No density limits or caps apply in any setting
  • Clubs will be asked to self-manage their exposure in line with public health guidance
  • The vast majority of people who come into contact with a confirmed positive case outsidetheir home won’t have to self-quarantine. These contacts will be required to get a standard (PCR) test and isolate until they get a negative result.A new online portal offering clear and simple ‘checklist’ advice for cases, contacts and workplaces is available at Your COVID Checklist | Coronavirus Victoria, which will also include advice on how to have the conversation with people at your club or family members.For more information, including advice for workplaces with a confirmed COVID-19 case, please go to

    All enquiries relating to these settings can be directed to

    Stay Safe.
    Pony Club Victoria

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