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The Unexpected Coffee Van Mad-Mag Treasure Hunt

The First Five Entries will win a fantastic coffee hamper courtesy of the un-expected coffee van.

Send your entries to 73-75 Mackie Road, Mulgrave, Vic 3170 or 

email: magazine@ponyclubvic.or.au or fill in our online form at www.ponyclubvic.or.au

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Q1 Which Club won the State Musical Ride Championships?

Q2 Which Team won the Horseland PCA InterZone Teams Horse Trials?

Q3 When is the North Metro State Training Workshop going to be held?

Q4 Which Event will be conducted over the 19-22 September?

Q5 Which page will you find the Pakenham Produce &Saddlery Ad?

Q6 Wher did the BZ Associate Riders Group go?

Q7 How much money did the Stratford Pony Club raise for BNCA at Pink Sports Day?

Q8 Which page will you find the Olsen Industries Ad?

Q9 When is the Sports Club Expo being held?

Q10 Name one of the products advertised on the Equinade Ad?

Q11 What page did you find Percy on?

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The unexpected coffee van

Serving premium Jasper coffee, a great way to add value at your event and keep everyone warm, happy and raring to go!

Available for Pony Club rally days and all types of competitions and events. Contact Justine for more information.

www.theunexpectedcoffeevan.com.au                 Ph:    0414683729