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Horsemastership Quiz

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Q2 Is Warm Up designed to make the horse 'hot'?

Q3 Research has shown that standing still the horse will take twice as long to return to 'normal'?

Q4 The warm up is necessary and important to reduce the risk of injury during and following exercise or work?

Q5 The warm up process allows the horse and rider to become attentive and 'tuned' to each other.

Q6 The cooling down process helps to remove lactic acid which may accumulate in the horses muscles and cause azoturia or tying up.

Q7 The average resting heart rate of a horse is between 60-80 beats/minute?

Q8 The maximum resting heart rate of a horse is between 200-250 beats/minute?

Q9 The fitter a horse is the quicker their heart rate will return to normal after exercise.

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