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MAD MAG - The NRG Team - Treasure Hunt - JUL 2018

 1 of 3 The NRG Team prize packs to be won!

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Q1 Who is our feline friend on the front cover of the magazine?

Q2 Name the Horseland Horse Trials State Championship Grade 1 Champion for 2018?

Q3 Does MyPonyClub come with an app?

Q4 Who was awarded Life Membership of PCV at the Horseland Tetrathlon Carnival?

Q5 What AD appears on page 7?

Q6 What date is the Horseland Tetrathlon Carnival?

Q7 Where is the State Final for Ride to Time being held?

Q8 What can Clubs and Zones use to make finding events easier for members?

Q9 On which page will you find the Jump Wings AD?

Q10 What page is Percy on?

Q11 Postal Address

Q12 Postal Suburb

Q13 Postcode

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