Pony Club Victoria



Worlds BEST HOOF Oil - MAD Mag Treasure Hunt - April 2014

Q1 Who won the PA Grade Showjumping at the 2014 Horsland/PCAV State Showjumping & Dressage Championships?

Q2 What must Clubs with greater than 20 riding members have at each club rally or activity as of 1st January 2015

Q3 What page will you find the Castlefin Equestrian AD?

Q4 The two day NCAS Training & Assessment to be held in Northern Zone will be held on what dates?

Q5 The Equinade AD can be found on which page?

Q6 How many months should you take before re-introducing stock to your seeded pasture?

Q7 Who is selling ubique 5 acres in Lysterfield South?

Q8 Where can you find the Skye Park AD?

Q9 Can Adults join Pony Club as riding members?

Q10 Nicole Banks has the opportunity to represent Australia at which competition?

Q11 What page did you find Percy on?

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