MyPonyClub is the national membership and events database for Pony Club.  Clubs can mange club membership, events and selling of club merchandise from their Club Administration Portal.  


Call to ACTION buttons exist on this page to alert you to membership activity.



Contact details for your Club are managed here.  Contact numbers, emails for your club and postal address.  Some system settings are found here to that control who is notified of online activities and how payments to your club are managed.


Your Club terms of membership can be added to this area.  When your club adds its membership terms to this space, individuals during the online membership application must accept your club terms of membership.


Each year your Pony Club must apply for affiliation with Pony Club Victoria.  Your club must undertake this process online and pay the fee indicated each year.


Any facilities your club uses to conduct events and activities should be added under the manage facilities area.  As the database grows you may find the facility you are looking for is already registered in the MyPonyClub system.


MyPonyClub provides a database for your club to manage its membership.  Each year you will need to set up a new membership year for your members to join to.  Each year you can set different fees for collection.  You can create any memberships that fit what your club wants to offer. 


This areas is where your club sets its club fees and creates the memberships it wants to offer to its members.  National, State and Zone fees will automatically be assigned to the relevant memberships and prorata membership rates will be automatically applied in the months they are relevant.  Your club can also set prorata fees (decreasing the amount members need to pay as the year goes on), this is only applicable if your club wants to offer a cheaper membership.


Your Club can add questions that will be asked on membership application.  These questions might change each year or collect information not included on the membership application process, specifically required for your club management.


If you want to sell products through MyPonyClub, your club needs to either create a vendor that is your Pony Club or actually record your *Vendors in this part of the system.  This is a good space to keep a record of the business you use to purchase from for future committee reference.  *Vendor is a business you buy club merchandise from. 


Within this space you can add products you want in the member store and/or available on membership application.  You can have different colours and options like size or type.  Don’t let the need to use a colour or a size stop your imagination on how you can use this area to sell product to your members and help your club to manage selling and stock control.



Your club can find current and past members from this space.  You can search in bulk or by individual.  By using GLOBAL SEARCH you can search the entire database to ensure a new member is not already in the MyPonyClub system.  You can a club can:

  • UPDATE – enables you to update information on a members record except their name and date of birth.  If these need changing you need to call the PCV State Office.  You can also renew a member from this area.  Member gradings can be managed here if the member has added their horse(s).
  • SEND – you as a club administrator can help a member gain access to the MyPonyClub system by sending them a Password Reset email by clicking on the SEND button.  It is worth checking that their email is correct before doing this.
  • VIEW – this enables you to see the members Pony Club history.  When they were a members and where.
  • NOTES – your club can see all the emails, State and Club memberships held by the member and add notes to the member in this space.  MAINTAIN NOTES and ADD enable your club to add notes to the members record.


All horses across Australia will be listed in this space. 


Membership applications are listed in the space awaiting approval by your club.  Credit/Debit payments are charged when your club approves the application.  Clubs are encouraged to log into MyPonyClub at least once a week to undertake this process.


Members seeking a transfer into or out of your club are found in this space.  The only reason a club can hold a member at your club is for outstanding debts.


Enables your club to apply certificates to a members record up to DStar, C-B are applied by your Zone and A are applied by the State,


When members upload their WWCC details into the system via their member profile their upload will register here for you to check.  If the member uploads a photo your club can check to see that the details match.



Your club emails should be sent from this space.  The Communications area of this system records all emails sent and adds a record to the members profile that is was sent.  Notifications to the MyPonyClup app can also be sent from the area.  By selecting Members you can send a bulk email to all members, Contacts go to your club committee and you can also send to one or a selection of members/contacts by selecting them


The email results area will tell you how many people opened your email.  The export function will let you see who opened your email.


Update your Club Contacts in this area.  All emails sent by States and Zones will use the information you record in this space.  All official emails sent by Pony Club organisation should be sent in MyPonyClub.


Many reports can be found in this space.  Finance, certificate lists, WWCC lists are all found in this area.


Your club must submit its events to the State calendar using MyPonyClub.  Your club can also take online entries using the system. 


Help documents can be found in here that assist you to use the MyPonyClub club database.

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