Can I visit another Pony Club?

YES!  As long as the DC's from each club are happy the member to visit.

Visting Members & Rally Attendance

BYLAW 18.12 Visiting Member at a Rally

18.12.a A rally attendance may be granted to a member attending a rally at another club affiliated with the PCV or an RDA function.

i. There is no obligation for the visiting members pony club rally to be the same date as the member's home club rally. Pony Club Victoria Inc.

ii. DC's of both clubs must consent.

iii. If a member attends a rally at another club, they may be granted a qualifying rally attendance (QRA) however only ONE QRA per month is allowed at either their own club or another club. If their club holds more than one rally per month, then ONE Member club rally and one additional rally at a visited club may be granted.

iv. The visiting club member must be mounted and satisfy the minimum rally attendance standards of rule 18.10 if seeking a qualifying rally attendance.

v. When attending or assisting a Riding for the Disabled function, the RDA function must be on the same day as the member’s club rally.

18.12.b In all of the above cases, the following conditions also apply:

i. Prior to visiting another club, the member must obtain approval from both the DC of the member’s club and of the club or RDA to be visited.

ii. The member must present their membership card or virtual card to prove current membership along with the PCV Visiting Rally form to be completed by the visited club's DC

iii. The member must wear their usual club uniform at the rally or match the style of attire that is worn at the visited club as pre-advised by the DC of the club to be visited.

iv. Before granting qualifying rally attendance the member’s DC must ascertain that all these conditions have been met and that the attendance was valid before granting a rally attendance and recording it on the club member card. If the conditions and visit cannot be verified the card must be marked “Absent.” along with the rally date.

v. Combinations may only be graded or regraded by their own DC (rule 33.2). All other considerations are the decision of the c

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