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Riders without Horses

Riders Without Horses

The Pony Club Association of Victoria together with a large number of affiliated clubs have taken the initiative with their "Riders without Horses Program" the program is designed to support and encourage a child who does not own a horse, but has a love for horses and riding, to become part of Pony Club activities, this sets the foundation for a "Non Owner" of a horse/pony to have a better understanding of  horsemanship and the obvious commitment to his mount.

Pony Clubs participating in this program have tailored the activities they provide, as what works for one club may not work for another.
The prime objective of the program is to provide non horse owners with the opportunity to participate and become members of the Pony Club Movement  
Riders without Horses The "Riders without Horses Program" is a great opportunity for "YOU" to become a member of a Pony Club, why not fill out the
  " Join A Pony Club Form" and we will send you more information!
          Riders without Horses
(the largest association of riders in the world) with the added advantage of not having the initial costs of purchasing a horse/pony. The Pony Club Movement offers a safe environment for beginners to learn the fundamentals of riding, our instruction priorities are, the safety of the rider at all times, the care of his/her horse, and the fun and excitement of being part of a team with a common love and interest for horses and riding.

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