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A basic grooming kit will usually include the items below.

Dandy Brush

dandy brushThe dandy brush has hard bristles.  It is used to remove mud from the coat. It is only used on the body and legs and due to its stiffness care must be taken over sensitive areas and on clipped horses.

Water Brush

water brushThis brush has soft bristles. It is used to dampen the mane before plaiting, wash the horse, wash feet and to dampen the tail prior to bandaging.

 Metal Curry Comb and Body Brush

Curry comb and Body brush The body brush has short bristles designed to reach through the hairs on the horses coat. It is the main grooming brush. Whilst grooming it will become clogged with loose hair and scurf and should be cleaned by drawing it across the curry comb. The metal curry comb should never be used on the horse.

Rubber and Plastic Curry Combs

Rubber & Plastic curry combsUsed to remove mud, dried sweat and hair. Due to their ‘sticky’ nature they are very effective at removing dead hair and scurf. Not for use on the mane or tail.

Mane Combs

Mane Combs
Made of metal with wide teeth, it will break the hairs easily, so should be used when the mane is free of tangles. Should not be used on the tail.

Sweat Scraper

Sweat scraperUsed to scrape off sweat and to remove excess water from the coat after washing or sponging down.

   Hoof Brush

Hoof Brush
For applying hoof oil and grease to the feet.

Hoof Pick

Hoof PickUsed to dislodge and clean out mud, stones etc, from the hoof. Should always be used from heel to toe so that an accidental slip will be away from the frog.

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