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Organisational Structure

Pony Club Association of Victoria Inc.
Reg Assoc. No: A0013413S



PCAV Structure

The Pony Club Association of Victoria was formed in January 1954, with a membership of seven affiliated Clubs. The affairs of the Association were administered from the Association Headquarters 'Irving House', situated at 12 Warleigh Grove, Brighton North form May 1974, moving in December 2008 to 73-75 Mackie Road, Mulgrave. This property was purchased with the assistance of the member Clubs and has been wholly owned by the Association since 1976. The building was named as a tribute to Miss Kay Irving M.B.E., Chief Instructor to PCAV from 1958 - 1983. The Pony Club Association of Victoria is affiliated with the British Horse Society, Pony Club Australia and Equestrian Australia.

PCAV was incorporated under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act on 26 May 1987.  The committee of management manages the affairs of the Association, in accordance with the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act. In accordance with the PCAV Rules of Incorporation (Purposes and Rules) the PCAV committee of management is the State Council.

State Council

The Council of the Association consists of the Office Bearers, (President and Two Vice-Presidents), the Treasurer, an Elected Representative from each Zone and the Coaching Director (previously called the Chief Instructor), salaried employees shall not have voting rights.

The Office Bearers of the Pony Club Association of Victoria are elected annually in September-October (used to be August) when the Annual General Meeting and Association Conference are held.


There are ten (10) Zones, which are more or less geographical in concept - Barwon, Central, East Gippsland, Midland, North Eastern, Northern Metropolitan, Northern, South Metropolitan, Wannon, West Gippsland.

Zones and Clubs are self-contained, self-governing and self-supporting with the PCAV Rules and the Incorporations Act.

At the Zone Annual General Meeting, the Zone elects their Office Bearers fro the ensuing 12 months. The Zone Committee consists of the Zone Representative (also called a State Councillor), President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and two Delegates from each of the Pony Clubs in their Zone.

Zone Meetings are held at regular intervals throughout the year to co-ordinate Club ideas/proposals, and to assist member Clubs to carry out the Aims and Objectives of the Pony Club Movement.

Each Zone elects a State Councillor (Zone Representative) at the Annual General Meeting in September/October. The Zone Representative becomes a member of the State Council of the Association.

Pony Clubs

Each Pony Club belongs to one of the Ten Zones in the Pony Club Association of Victoria.

 It is necessary for all Pony Clubs affiliated or on probation with the Pony Club Association of Victoria to have a Club Constitution or Model Rules, and they will operate under these as a pre-requisite for Incorporation.

Sub Committees of the Pony Club Association of Victoria

The Council shall be responsible for the appointment of any Sub Committee of the Association, when deemed appropriate. One third of the Sub Committee shall retire annually or as presribed from time to time by the State Council. Retiring Sub Committee members shall be eligible for re-election.

Affiliation with Other Bodies

The Association may apply for affiliation with any other organization as it deems appropriate.

State Conference

The State Council may decide to hold a conference in any year and if so decided, a conference may be held on the same day as the Annual General Meeting or at another time as the State Council chooses.

All persons entitled to vote at an Annual General Meeting shall be entitled to vote at an Association State Conference.

State Coaching Director

The Coaching Director (Chief Instructor) shall be appointed by the State Council, and shall become a member of the Council without voting rights. This person will be responsible for the policy and direction of instruction throughout the Association, subject to the approval of a simple majority the Chief Instructors Panel, and the endorsement of the Council. The Coaching Director shall attend all meetings at which matters of instruction are to be discussed.

State Chief Instructors Panel

The Chief Instructors Panel shall consist of the ten Zone Chief Instructors and the Coaching Director, who may act as Chairperson of this Panel. The Chief Instructors Panel shall meet at least twice annually to formulate instructional policies.

Note: this information is a summation only, Full details available in the PCAV Purposes and Rules and the Handbook of By Laws (current editions)