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PCAV Riders Without Horses - Activity Sheet 6


September, 1999.
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Getting to Know the Saddle


    Saddle with stirrups that can be run up. Preferably saddle would have safety stirrups and a buckle guard and a two buckle girth.
    Saddle blanket or numnah.
    'D' Certificate Master Chart and pens.
    A saddle horse or carpenter’s horse
    Pony for one session (must be very quiet, small, bridled and with well fitted saddle.


  •                Putting the saddle on the saddle horse or carpenter’s bench.
    • Discuss the name of each part of the saddle.
    • Show how to run the stirrups up when they are not in use.
      Demonstrate how to fold the girth over the seat when not in use.
      Show how to put safety stirrups on correctly.
      When ‘run-up’, the curved part of the stirrup iron should be at the front and facing inwards towards the saddle.
      Point out the studs and show how to measure the saddle from the stud to the centre of the pommel, (in a straight line)
      Point out the 'D' ring.
      • Ask for suggestions for its use.
        • Point out the Stirrup bar for holding the stirrup leather on.
          • Explain if it is a spring type, the bar MUST be down if spring is very stiff.
          • Discuss the reasons why, in that it allows the stirrup to release in an emergency to stop the rider from being dragged in case of a fall.
            • Discuss and demonstrate how to tighten the girth.
              • Discuss the use of one or three buckle girths.
                • If only one buckle on the girth, a surcingle must be used.
                • Explain the importance of correct stirrup size for a rider’s boot.

                  Using Wooden Horse

                    • Allow the 'riders' to sit on the saddle, keeping their feet on the ground.
                    • Discuss the ideal straight line from the rider’s head, through to the shoulder, hip, and back of heel.

                  If a Live Pony is available

                    • Demonstrate how to put the saddle blanket and saddle on.
                    • Teach how to mount
                    • How to place their foot in the stirrup.
                    • How to identify if the stirrup leather is twisted and how to correct it.
                    • Allow each child to mount and dismount.
                    • Emphasise correct procedure and help where needed.
                    • Walk around the Club watching other riders mounting and dismounting.

                  Entry in Work Books

                    • Draw and label the saddle parts.
                    • Complete the 'D' chart accordingly.