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PCAV Riders Without Horses - Activity Sheet 5


September, 1999.
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Getting Familiar with the Bridle


 Simple snaffle bridle (or two), preferably with nosebands dropped, flash or cavesson.

 Bits and pieces for 'Physical Challenge' such as scarf, plates of flour, bag of jelly beans/babies old ribbons, cushions, bucket of apples, knife

 'D' Certificate Master Chart.

 Red & Blue pens.


 The names of bridle parts.

 Revise knowledge on fastening a throat lash and a noseband, and how tight they should be.
 Point out the difference between buckles and billets.
 Undo each and show how they are done up: buckles face out and billets in.
 Describe cleaning process
 'How do we make the leather nice and soft to make it easy to do up the bridle?'
 Point out keepers, what they are for, why and how we use them.
 If there are stoppers on the reins, explain what they are for. 
 Illustrate the different types of nosebands, explain the differences and why they are used 
 Allow members to handle and experiment with buckles and billets.  
 A walk around the Club grounds might highlight different types of bits, nosebands etc., which are used.

With a Pony

Show how to hold a bridle when fitting it to a pony.
Demonstrate how to open the pony’s mouth with thumb, stressing not to bump the pony’s teeth with the bit. Discuss why.
Demonstrate how to lift the bit with the right hand on the headpiece.
If the pony is willing, show the gap in the pony’s top and bottom teeth where the bit fits.
Revise the lesson on bridle and bit 'fit'.
Play 'Physical Challenge' to test their memory of what has just been learnt.
Form pairs or groups.
Using all the information in two activities on 'bridle'
Have at the ready aids such as: scarf, an old ribbon, a plate of flour with a jelly bean in it, etc.
Ask each group a quiz question about any of the topics you have taught them, covered in the Syllabus.
They must consult their partner before answering.
Award two points for a totally correct answer, 1 point for a partially correct answer, if incorrect and not known, ask the group 'What do they have to do?'
The group shouts back 'PHYSICAL CHALLENGE'
They are given a penalty to do, such as make one a wheelbarrow and their partner has to hold the legs and wheel him/her around a nearby tree or pick up a jellybean on a plate of flour.

Reference previous activity sheet

Entry in Work Books

Draw and label the bridle parts
Complete the 'D' chart accordingly.

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