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Application Procedures for Efficiency Certificates

Right, Thursday, 1 March 2007

E, D & D* Efficiency Tests are done within the Club by a Club Instructor at any Club Rally.


Applications for all other Efficiency Tests - C, C*, K, B, H & A must be made to the Zone Examining Secretary by the Club District Commissioner.


Closing Dates for Applications:


C - B Efficiency Certificates:

Each Zone accepts applications throughout the year. They must be submitted at least two months before the date of the practical test.

Zones set their own dates for assessment, and you need to contact the relevant Zone for the application form for Efficiency Certificates. Check your Zone's  website for the form or the Zone Examining Secretary's contact details.


There are no written examinations, assessment is based on completion of Workbooks and Practical assessment


A & H Efficiency Certificates:

Worksheets are submitted to the Coaching Director and forwarded to the State Appointed Assessors for assessment.


Practical Assessment


E, D & D* Efficiency Tests:

Are conducted within the Club by a Club Instructor, at any Rally.


C, C* & K Efficiency Tests:

Are organized and conducted within the Zone by personnel appointed by the Zone DCI/ZA Panel. It is recommended that there is a maximum of six candidates per Assessor per day.


It is important that Candidates who are interested in sitting any Certificate of B and above notify their  Zone Examining Secretary/Zone Chief Instructor well in advance so the assessments and practical exams can be organized.


B Efficiency Test:

Conducted by the Zone using personnel appointed by the Zone DCI/ZA Panel. A second assessor from outside the Zone is also required. This person is usually from a neighbouring Zone and is endorsed by that Zone's DCI/ZA Panel.


All 'B' Candidates must be assessed at least six months prior to sitting the practical test. This assessment must be conducted by the Zone appointed personnel and a written report, which outlines the areas the Candidate needs to work on, must be provided to the Candidate. This process helps to avoid disappointment if the Candidate is not yet up to the required standard for the Certificate. It allows the Candidate time to work on the areas that need improvement or postpone their assessment until they are ready.


A & H Efficiency Tests:

Conducted by PCAV using personnel appointed by the State Coaching Director.


All A & H Candidates must be assessed at least six months prior to the practical test. This is done by the State Appointed Assessors,  a written report is supplied and the Candidate will be made aware of the areas they need to work on. If necessary they may need to postpone their assessment until they are ready.


Candidate Certificate Registration and Assessment Fees from 1st July 2018


Candidate Fees are Not Refundable unless withdrawal is due to medical or veterinary reasons. In both cases a certificate must be produced to recieve a refund


Certificate Cost Payable to:
C $25 Zone
C* $50 Zone
K $50 Zone
B $75 Zone
A & H $100 PCAV



Efficiency Test application form - Club to their Zone

Efficiency Test application Form - Zone to PCAV 

This form is to be used by the Zone Examining Secretary to notify PCAV of applications to sit A & H Certificates. Fees should accompany the applications with a cheque made out to the Pony Club Association of Victoria.


Efficiency Test Recipient Confirmation

This form should be used by the ZES to notify PCAV of the Certificates gained by their members. This enables PCAV to update the Rider's details on the data base and ensure the correct Certificates attained are printed on their Grading Card at Membership Return time. During the year a sticker will be posted out to update the existing card.





Should a dispute against a decision of an examiner arise a mediation process based on the Incorporation Act- Model Rules for disputes is available. More information here.


Suggested Daily Fees for Assessors


The current recommendation from State Council for Travel Reimbursement is 50c per kilometre.


C - B

$100 per day, plus travel reimbursement at 50c/km - paid by Zones

A & H $200 per assessment and Travel Reimbursement - paid by State


**Please note - Assessors may choose at their own discretion to volunteer any part of their time or travel to assessing candidates.  Some assessors may prefer to simply be reimbursed on receipt for fuel rather than per km, some may only require a travel reimbursement and no day fee, some may only require a portion of the day fee.


It is recommended that Zones use the this generic reimbursement form for all Certificate Assessors

Assessor Reimbursement Form


C.I.P. updated May 2018