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Zone Examining Secretary Duties

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Duties of a Zone Examining Secretary

1. Ensure all Clubs and prospective Efficiency Test Applicants within the Zone are aware of the closing date for Efficiency Tests.

2. Receive applications and fees from Clubs for all Efficiency Tests except E, D and D* - these are assessed within the Clubs themselves.

3. Forward all applications to the PCAV for A and H. These must be sent on the Efficiency Test Application Form together with the fees.

4. Make arrangements for any special needs of an applicant if requested by the Candidate' District Commissioner. This may include providing someone to act as a writer if the Candidate requires assistance in this area.

5. Arrange the Assessors for the conduct of the C, C*, K & B Efficiency Tests. This person will be responsible for assessing the Workbooks, Riding and Practical tests.  *NB:Two Assessors are required for the 'B' practical examination, one from within the Zone and one from outside the Zone.

6. Arrange for Certificate Manuals and Work Sheets, which must be presented for correction approximately one month prior to the Practical Assessment, to be corrected. The Work Sheets for C, C*, K and B are corrected at Zone level by a person appointed by the Zone's DCI/ZA panel. The A & H log books are to be forwarded to the PCV Coaching Director for correction.

7. Receive the results from the Certificate manuals and/or Work Sheets after they have been corrected and forward them to the respective Club District Commissioner. Keep a record of all results at Zone level.

8. Arrange for the C, C*, K and B practical assessment to be undertaken once the Work Sheets are passed.

9. Liaise with State Coaching Director to facilitate A & H assessments

Practical Test Assessment Day requirements:

ZES is responsible for organising the set up of the assessment day including but not limited to

  • Sourcing and liaising with host club all requirements for flat areas, jumping areas, lungeing areas, canteen, lunch and refreshments for assessors, provisions of certificates for signing, etc
  • Ensuring workbooks are with assessors in adequate time for marking prior to assessment day.
  • Communicating with candidates to ensure they have all information required before the assessment day.
  • Supplying marking sheets, reporting paperwrok and reimburesemnt papaerwork for assessors
  • Coordinating/supplying a timetable of the day's program to all parties.
  • There should be one "lead assessor" responsible for coordinating the assessment day proceedings, with assistance as deemed necessary.  

10. Arrange for supplementary tests to be taken if required. At least one of the Assessors must have assessed the original test.

11. Arrange to have the appropriate number of Efficiency Certificates for each Candidate that is present. These must be given to the Assessors to sign on the day of the practical test. Depending who hosts the assessment this may be the responsibility of the Club or the Zone.

12. Send (email) results of Certificates gained to PCV Head Office for Rider's records to be updated. Head Office will also send out stickers for Riders grading cards to be updated, unless the new membership cards are due to be sent out.

13. Costs incurred by the Zone Examining Secretary due to their duties are to be reimbursed by their respective Zone.

It is important that the Zone Examining Secretary, Zone Chief Instructor and DCI/ZA panel all work in close liaison.  Zone Representative (State Councillor), Zone Secretary may also be involved in stage of Certificate assessments.

The ZES may attend Zone and DCI/ZA meetings as required.

CIP Panel

Updated Nov 2018

Kate Wilson - State Coaching Director



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