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H Certificate Information

H CERTIFICATE  Minimum Age - 17 years
Pre Requisite NIL


It is important that Candidates who are interested in sitting their "H" Certificates notify their Zone Chief Instructor well in advance so the assessments and practical exams can be organised.

All "H" Candidates must be "pre" assessed at least six months prior to the practical test.  This is done by the Coaching Director or their appointed representative, a written report is supplied and the Candidate is made aware of the areas they need to work on.  If necessary they may need to postpone their assessment until they are ready.

The H Certificate is a horsemastership test. The Syllabus centres on this aspect of work so it is suited to the non rider as well as the rider. Three years in Pony Club must be allowed for preparation. It is intended to afford keen Associate Members a worthwhile certificate for efficiency in horse management. 

To gain wide knowledge of the care and conditioning of horses and to be capable of taking charge of horses, either stabled or at grass.

The test will be conducted in six sections:

Worksheets - to be completed prior to practical assessment.
Major Written Project.
Presentation for the show ring.
Lungeing and Long Reining
Breaking in.
Horsemastership and general knowledge.
The candidate must pass all sections to gain a H Certificate.



Horse care including shoeing and veterinary experience.
Pony Club service.
Lungeing and Long Reining.
Breaking and schooling a young horse.
Breeds and registration requirements.
Designs for yards and stables.


This can be on any subject of the candidate's own choice which is to do with horses. Full use of reference books is allowed. The names of reference books to be listed. Approximately 3000 words.



Candidates must wear formal Pony Club uniform for presentation and discipline appropriate uniform form all practical tests

For the horse care test the horse must be presented for the showing.
It can be for ridden or led classes, with the appropriate preparation.
The candidate must stipulate what breed and why this type of presentation.
If this horse is not plaited, plaiting and trimming must be demonstrated.



Know principles and benefits of lungeing.
Knowledge of correct equipment required for horse and handler. Teach a horse to lunge and obey the voice.
Have good control of the horse at walk and trot. Show medium trot and working canter.
Knowledge of ancillary equipment and if used justification for same.
Long reining.



The candidate must have assisted a horse breaker at work throughout the breaking of a horse, also halter breaking, tying up and general handling of foals and weanlings. The candidate is not required to actually break in a horse. They must be able to give a clear picture of how the breaking is carried out. If the candidate has actually broken in a horse, all the better and this should be described.

For all the requirements and more detailed information on all Certificates please refer to the Pony Club Australia Syllabus of Instruction, available from the (PCAV BOOKSTORE) or via this link




  • Paddocking
  • Feeding, Watering Conditioning
  • Handling Horses
  • Grooming, Trimming, Clipping
  • The Foot and Shoeing
  • Stabling
  • Travelling
  • Health, Ailments and Injuries
  • Know the Horse
  • Saddlery and Equipment
  • Breeding and Care of the Young Horse
  • General Knowledge