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B Certificate Information

B Certificate
Pre Requisite D Certificate, C  Certificate either C*or K  Certificate

It is important that candidates who are interested in sitting "B" Certificate notify their Zone Chief Instructor well in advance so the assessments and practical exams can be organised.

All Candidates must be "pre" assessed at least six months prior to sitting the practical test. This assessment must be conducted by Zone appointed personnel and a written report provided.

The "B" Certificate may be taken in two sections. The first section, Horsecare can be taken from the age of 15, prior to the practical riding, lungeing and jumping sections which may be taken at 16 years,

The objectives of the B Certificate are to:

  •  Become a competent, all round rider who knows the reasons for what he/she is doing and is able to assess the results
  •  Be able to ride over different types of obstacles at specified paces at a maximum height of 1 metre
  •  To be capable of riding and jumping their own horse, and assessing it's performance
  •  To be capable tof joining in any Pony Club activities of interest to the rider, ie hunting, trekking, gymkhanas, etc and looking after the horse before, during and after the day's activity.
  • To ride intelligently and with due regard to others on the roads

B Restricted Jumping

  • A candidate may obtain a "B" standard certificate with restricted jumping, but must jump a horse over a minimum of 0.60m and a maximum height of 0.85m and must be able to ride across country, including up and down steep terrain.
  • It is necessary for the candidate to demonstrate proficiency in flat riding

To be eligible to sit for the B Certificate the candidate must have experience in the following:

• Horse Care
Flat work
• Jumping - including showjumping and cross country
• Lungeing
• Riding a variety of horses and have an understanding of their schooling progress
• Designing and building show jumping courses under qualified supervision.

The test will be conducted in three sections

• Worksheets - to be completed prior to practical assessment
• Horse Care, lungeing and General Knowledge
• Riding and Jumping

Candidates are required to complete the worksheets contained in the B Certificate Resource Kit prior to the practical assessment

The "B" certificate practical is assessed by Zone approved assesors

For all the requirements and more detailed information on all Certificates please refer to the Pony Club Australia Syllabus of Instruction, available from the (PCAV BOOKSTORE) or online via here




Compulsory Resource

PCAV B Certificate Resource Kit- includes compulsory worksheets