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A Certificate Information

A CERTIFICATE  Minimum Age - 17 years
Pre Requisite D  Certificate, C  Certificate, K  Certificate or C* Certificate and B   Certificate

It is important that Candidates who are intersted in sitting their "A" Certificate notify their Zone Chief Instructor well in advance so the assessments and practical exams can be organised.

All "A" Candidates must be "pre" assessed six months prior to the practical test.  This is done by the Coaching Director or their appointed representative, a written report is supplied and the candidate is made aware of the areas they need to work on.  If necessary they may need to postpone their assessment until they are ready.

The A test is the highest certificate award to Pony Club members and provides a comprehensive assessment  in Horsemanship and Horsemastership for well trained and experienced Associate members (a Pony Club member must be 17 years old to considered an Associate member)

The objectives of the A  Certificate are as follows:

• To become an educated horseman, able to ride with confidence and style on the flat and over fences of a  maximum height of 1. 1 0 metres.
• To understand the principles of training,including young horses, as taught in Pony Club and be able to put these principles into practice.
• To be capable of riding and jumping horses of all temperaments and stages of training and of assessing a horse's potential and how it could be schooled to improve ride and performance.
• To gain a wide knowledge of the care and conditioning of horses.
• To have a sound knowledge of the Organisation and running of the Australian Pony Club Council and the candidate's own State Association
• Knowledge of other societies and organisations connected with horses

Assessment Format

  • Worksheets - to be completed prior tot he practical assessment
  • Presentation
  • Riding on the flat (including work in double bridle)
  • Jumping
  • Lungeing and Long Reining
  • Horsemastership and general knowledge

The candidates must have experience in and completed worksheets for

  •  Horse care including shoeing and veterinary experience
  •  Pony Club service
  •  Riding a variety of horses
  •  Lungeing
  •  Course designing and building
  •  Breaking and schooling a young horse.  Know the principles of handling, lungeing, backing and riding young horses
  •  Instructing/coaching
  •  Judging experience
  •  Breeds and registration requirements - three breeds
  •  Designing yards and stables

For all the requirements and more detailed information on all Certificates please refer to the Pony Club Australia Syllabus of Instruction, available from the (PCAV BOOKSTORE) or via this link