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Joining Pony Club

Pony Club Victoria Membership

FIND A CLUB  To be a riding member of Pony Club Victoria (PCV) you must be a member of a Club affiliated with PCV.

Riding Membership (Junior, Associate & Adult)

Riding members are those that own a horse or participate in a NonHorse owners program at Pony Club, such as Riders Without Horses.  Our Pony Clubs have the freedom to determine the age of riders depending on whether they Club feels they can offer these riders a learning opportunity.  Age ranges are as follow and are applied as of the 1JUL each year:

  • Junior: 0-17yrs
  • Associate: 18-25yrs
  • Adult: 26+yrs

Come & Try Membership

Come & Try membership is a one off membership to allow a person who is not a member of Pony Club to try Pony Club.  The Come & Try Membership should be recorded on MyPonyClub, if this individual decides to become a Pony Club Riding Member they can UPGRADE their membership to a full Riding Membership within MyPonyClub.  The membership paid to the State Body will then be deducted from the full Riding Member price.  This membership should not be used for current Pony Club members.  This membership does not entitle the bearer to personal accident protection under the Pony Club insurance policy. 


Club Supporter

Club Supporters are parents, aunts, uncles, interested persons, siblings ... anyone who attends the Pony Club and would lend their support to the Club to assist it to operate.  All riding members under the age of 25years must have at least one Club Supporter registered with them.  All persons over the age of 18years who are not riding but attend the Pony Club more than 3 times a year must be registered on MyPonyClub and have a current working with children check.


Anyone who coaches at Pony Club, qualified or non qualified, paid, reimbursed or volunteer must be registered on MyPonyClub.  All Coaches must have a current WWCC.  [Become a Coach Member]

Day Member Registration

Any individual who is not a member of a Pony Club affiliated with PCAV must fill out a Day Participation Application form at each occaision they ride at a Pony Club activity. The fee for Day Attendance is $10 per  day; to be forwarded to PCV within 7 days.  More Information on Day Attendance Registration

Membership Benefits

  • Structured Horse Management Certificate Program, commencing at age 6
  • Nationally accredited Coaching Courses
  • Club Support
  • Adminstrative Support
  • Insurance

The PCA/PCAV insurance policies clearly state that all who are recorded as members of the Pony Club Association of Victoria Inc are considered to be covered under our Insurance Policies. It is therefore crucial that all reporting of membership is completed promptly to avoid any membership recording anomalies.  Riding/Associate/Adult members are eligible to ride on the day if they pay their PCAV Membership Fee and your Pony Club receipts the acceptance of their PCAV membership fee, however they must be updated on the database as soon as possible.



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