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Set up your Club Memberships

  1. Login to MyPonyClub  |  Click on CLUB
  2. Go to Membership Settings
  3. Go to Manage Memberships
    1. Go to Membership Year and click on the down arrow and select the current year
    2. View your listed Memberships and click on the UPDATE button found at the end of the membership listing.
  1. Edit Membership Details
    1. DESCRIPTION:  Adding a description of your membership.  Eg: Associate Riding Member – members aged between 17-25yrs.
    2. MEMBERSHIP PERIOD:  When the membership is valid
    3. REGISTRATION PERIOD:  Allows your Club to collect memberships before the Membership Year begins.  The State has set the “from” date as the 1/4/2016.
    4. FEES:  The various fees that make up the membership are represented.
    5. CURRENT TOTAL FEE:  The amount that will appear on your online registration screen.
    6. AVAILABLE ONLINE: Tick this will make the membership appear on your online registration screen
    7. ACTIVE: Tick this means members can take up this membership
    8. Click on UPDATE
  1. See your Online Registration Screen
    1. Click on update button on the membership you just set up
    2. Click on View my online registration screen

Suggested Membership Types

Club Supporter  (State Membership Category – Adult Supporter)

  • Description:  An individual who attends the Pony Club as a non-riding member 3 or more times a year must be registered on MyPonyClub and have a valid WWCC.  Or an individual who wishes to support the Club as a non riding member.  

Riding Member – Junior (State Membership Category – Riding Member - Junior)

  • Description:  Riders aged 17yrs or under as at the 30 JUN each year

Riding Member – Associate (State Membership Category – Riding Member - Associate)

  • Description:  Riders aged 17-25yrs as at the 1 JUL each year

Come & Try (State Membership Category – Riding Member – Come & Try)

  • Description:  Individuals who are not current members Pony Club, who would like to experience Pony Club before committing to a membership.

Life Member (State Membership Category – Adult Supporter)

  • Description:  A Life Member of the club.