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Suanne Waugh, Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Michelle Heagney and Christopher Smith have been appointed to the PCAV Governance Sub Committee. Both are eminently qualified, affiliated with the Australian Institute of Company Directors and have experience on various Boards. They also have knowledge of Pony Club as past Members and present parents. We are extremely lucky and grateful that Michelle and Christopher have volunteered to help guide PCAV on the Governance Review journey.

Pony Club Assocation of Victoria - Annual General Meeting

DATE: Sunday 11th October, 2015  |  VENUE:  Pony Club Victoria Equestrian Centre, 640 Little Yarra Road, Gladysdale 

Positions Vacant

Vice President - 2 year term

The Vice President position has a two year term.  There are two Vice Presidents, these roles become available on a rotational basis.

More Information  |  Nominate Here (Due: Wednesday, 19th August 2015, 5:00pm)

State Councillors (Zone Representative)

All State Councillors must vacate their position annually, nominations are called for and any Club may nominate an interested individual to stand for the State Councillor position. Nominees for State Councillor (Zone Representative) positions must have held an Executive Position in a Club at some time but they need not hold such a position at the time of their nomination and must be nominated by a Club which is a member of the Zone which the nominee is seeking to represent.

  • Ballot Paper will be sent Wednesday 2nd September 2015 if required.

More Information  |  Nominate Here (Due: Wednesday, 19th August 2015, 5:00pm)

Notification was sent to all Club Office Bearers on July 1st as an enews. It also appears on Latest News and Facebook with links to the paperwork. Clubs can request a hard copy if required.

Following the AGM there will be a Conference where the Pony Club Victoria strategic direction and current projects will be presented and discussed. The Program will include but is not limited to, the 2015-2017 Pony Club Victoria StrategicPlan, Governance Review Update and Pony Club Victoria Equestrian Centre updates.

There will be an opportunity to tour the Equestrian Centre to see the work that has been done and the future planned developments.


PCAV Standing Sub-committees - nomination now open!

Calling all interested members to serve on the following Sub Committees.  Follow this link to the website for more information

State Games, Flat Teams and Musical Ride Championships Organising Sub Committee

Meets 3-4 times per year and is responsible for organising the Championship Event. There are 12 people on the Committee with three year rotational terms. Reports directly to PCAV State Council.  

More Information  |  Nominate here

Inter Zone Teams Horse Trials Organising Sub Committee

Meets 3-4 times per year and is responsible for organising the Event and coordinating the volunteers at the Event. By appointment - Reports Directly to PCAV State.

More Information  |  Nominate here

National Mounted Games Sub Committee

Meets 4-5 times per year and is responsible for coordinating and running the NMG squad training program and organising the Inter Zone Prince Philip Games Challenge competition. There are a maximum of 12 people on the Committee with three year rotational terms, currently there are six vacancies.

More Information  |  Nominate here

State Level Events 2016 Dates

All State Level events will be held at Pony Club Victoria Equestrian Centre from 2016 onwards.  Following advice from the Event Sub Committees, State Council discussed the distribution of State Level Events over the year in relation to the impact on qualifying requirements, weather, day light hours, school holidays and exams. It was also noted that the first half of the year is extremely busy with all PCAV State Championships held before July.  The following dates have been chosen for 2016:

  • 19-20 MAR  | Dressage & Showjumping State Championships
  • 28-29 MAY  |  Horse Trials State Championships
  • 10-11 SEP  | Inter Zone Teams Horse Trials (This date will be reviewed following the 2015 Event)

Games & Flat Teams State Championships

State Games & Flat Teams, a date has yet to be decided, it was suggested that the date may be moved to later in the year which would give the Zones more flexibility to run qualifying events.  The feasibility of running the State Games and the InterZone Prince Philip Games Challenge over a weekend to create a Games Festival was discussed. The two Games Sub-Committees will consider the concept and come back to State Council with a proposal for consideration.

State Horse Trials - Scoring

PCAV will follow the scoring method set down by EA which utilises % scores for Dressage and the application of a multiplying factor to calculate penalty points. The method was used successfully at the 2015 State Horse Trials.

Converting the result to a % standardises the scores across the rings and decreases the subjectivity of dressage judging. Riders should be encouraged to look at their position in the ring in relation to the rest of the field rather than the actual score obtained.

Method for Individual score;

Penalty points are calculated based on the percentage score achieved in the dressage phase.  

  • The Percentage is obtained by dividing total good marks of the Judge (minus any error of course or test) by maximum possible good marks obtainable and then multiplying by 100 and rounding the result to two decimal digits. 
  • To convert percentage into penalty points, it must be subtracted from 100 and multiplied by 1.5 with the resulting figure being rounded to one decimal digit.
  • The result is the score in penalty points for the test.

Jumping and time faults from the cross country and show jumping are added to the dressage penalty points to reach a final score

This method will be used at the InterZone Teams Horse Trials in September and relates to the method of scoring the Dressage phase.  This is the scoring method used by EA and Pony Club Australia and is used at the PCA National Championships.

Coach Membership Fees

The Membership fees for all fee paying categories will be standardised at $25.00 (Coach membership for Voluntary Coaches has no fee)

Prorata Membership - 1st September 2015

A pro-rata rate for Coach Membership will come into effect on the 1st September 2015.  The fee will be $25 across all fee paying Coach Membership categories.  Register here.

Extension of Coach Membership Year

All Coach Memberships will be valid until the 30 JUNE 2016, bringing the Coach Membership in line with the Riding Membership year and it is anticipated memberships will be collected on the New National Database system to be launched in 2016.

Volunteer Coach

A category will be added to the Booking system which will allow the coach to register online, the coach will need to have a validation form signed by both Club and Zone. The Volunteer Coach will then forward the signed validation form to the PCAV State Office where the validation will be recorded on the data base.  Volunteer Coaches are not eligible to be registered in the Coach Directory.

Coach Membership Card

A Coach Membership Card will be created using bend, peel and remove stationary. This will be sent to all existing and new Coaches in the near future, these cards will identify the Coach Membership Category and Expiry Date

Magazine Subscription

All Coaches who have paid between the 1st Jan -  30th Aug will continue to recieve the magazine until the 30 June 2015.  All Prorata Coach Members will need to subscribe if they wish to recieve a copy of the magazine. Currently the Subscription rate is $22.00

The benefits of Coach Membership are:

  • Recognised Coach with Pony Club Victoria
  • Public & Products Liabilty Insurance up to $20,000,000 for any one occurence
  • Personal Accident Insurance, whilst coaching at PCAV endorsed activities
  • Listing in the PCAV website Coach Directory (Optional)
  • Updates on coaching workshops and latest news
  • Regular E-News

PCA NCAS Level 1 Coaches Extra Member Benefits

  • Public & Products Liabilty Insurance up to $20,000,000 for any one occurence, whilst coaching an up to date financial member of PCAV for your coaching activities only, outside of usual PCAV organised activities.
  • 24/7 Personal Accident Insurance, whilst coaching an up to date financial member of PCAV and whilst engaged in any non income earning actvity involved with riding, caring for or handling horses, outside of usual PCAV organised activities.

Branding & Pony Club

PCA logo not CMYK

Pony Club Australia new look logo

The logo was unveiled to State Delegates at the PCA National Conference in Adelaide on 30th May 2015 and was universally supported. The national logo is two colour using Australia’s national sporting colours of green and gold.

Pony Club Australia has commenced using the new logo and is embarking on a branding process for all State and Territories which will identify Pony Club and be used on the new website/data base.

Adoption of new logo for Pony Club Victoria

State Delegates at the national conference agreed that states would also have a two colour logo. It is now up to each state to decide on those colours. One of the colours could be white.

It was agreed that the colours should follow the colours advocated by state governments and state sporting organisations in most cases. Care should be taken in choosing a colour scheme that can be embroidered on clothes and saddlecloths, some of which are in dark colours.  It was agreed that the Chair in each state would advise Pony Club Australia of their colours by 1st August 2015.

After consideration and consultation it was agreed that Pony Club Victoria, would adopt the traditional colours of blue and white.  State Council also identified that Clubs currently embroider the Victorian logo in one colour on their uniforms and have requested that PCA Board consider allowing Clubs to continue to embroider the new logo in an contrasting colour on their uniforms.  PCAV State Council will inform Clubs of the outcome of this request when it becomes available.

State Council endorsed a gradual phasing in of the new logo. Clubs will not be required to discard any uniforms or branded stock, the two logos New and Old (horse tick) will coexist until current stocks are exhausted.  Clubs are encouraged to make the change as they bring in new stock.