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Suanne Waugh, Thursday, 19 March 2015

Working with Children's Check is free for volunteers!

The PCAV State Council is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for young members to enjoy Pony Club.

Working with Children’s Checks (WWCC) will be required for Adult Supporting (Parents/Guardians/Carers) and Adult Riding Members from the 1st July 2015. All Parents/Guardians and Carers must be registered as Adult Supporting Members by the Club with the State Association at membership renewal time if they attend more than 3 rallies/year.

The PCAV State Council decision broadens the minimum mandated requirements as set out in the Working with Children’s Act. The decision to broaden the minimum requirements as a measure to control risk and promote a safe environment within Pony Club is both an acceptable practice and legal.

The new WWCC requirements do not affect events with spectators, casual visitors or individuals who are not consistently and significantly associated with a Club.  Neither do they apply to Associate Riding Members.

Pony Club Victoria has required all Club Officials and Club Coaches (instructors) to have a Working with Children’s Check for a number of years. The requirement has now been extended to Adult Supporting and Adult Riding Members.

The new requirements for Adult Supporting & Riding Members will come into effect from the 1st July 2015.

Categories of members requiring a WWCC

Categories of members regularly attending rallies and club functions over a twelve month period requiring a WWCC are as follows:

  • An adult riding club member.
  • An honorary life member who regularly attends rallies and club activities. 
  • An adult supporter which category shall be deemed to include the following:
    • Both parents of riders who regularly attending rallies.
    • A single parent who regularly attends rallies. 
    • A non-parent guardian of a child either temporary or otherwise who regularly attends rallies. 
  • Visiting members and adult supporting members as defined above from clubs  other than the host club.
  • A non-member who does not fall within the categories listed above who regularly attends rallies and club activities. 

Definition of "regular"

For the purpose of definition in this sub clause “regular’ and ‘regularly” shall be deemed to mean three or more times over a twelve month period. A “single parent” shall be deemed to be a person who is listed on the membership form of a member club as the primary carer
PCAV Working with Children’s Check

Who is not affected by the changes?

Requirements do not affect the following individuals:

  • Competition Spectators, competitions which are open to the public with entries open to any eligible rider. An eligible rider may or may not be a Pony Club Member.
  • “Come and Try for the day” at the rally because they are not yet members of the club and their membership will be conditional upon obtaining a WWWC.
  • A parent or a guardian or a grandparent or a friend of the rider, who is not a member of the club and who is not registered as a member on the club’s membership list from coming to a rally.  They may have to bring the rider and be the carer on the day due to changed circumstances or attend as a spectator. 

If a non-member starts to attend the rally on a regular basis then they must register with the club and obtain a WWCC. 


Implementation recommendation for Club Officials

Working with Children's Check is free for volunteers ... apply here!


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