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Information for PCAV Clubs based in NSW

Clubs based in NSW need to abide by their Consumer and Association laws, unless they were originally incorporated under the Victorian act. To find out the status of a club incorporated in NSW email registrylodgement@finance.nsw.gov.au with your request; their Annual Summary form A12 can be found here

A couple of items to check for –

The District Commissioner is part of our definition of a Club executive and is not mentioned in the rules attached; and you should check the voting rights of members (who is actually entitled to vote?) Be sure that this is very clearly defined and that the Club membership are aware of who is entitled to vote at all types of meetings.

Dispute resolution must be governed by the NSW legislation, it is differently handled to the Victorian legislation.

Mission Statements are not complusory in NSW as they now are in Victorian Model Rules, however they can be very useful things for a Club to have - they help focus Leadership and Members towards the goals that the Club exists for. For more information go to our page on this topic here

More information

Word Version of NSW Model Rules