Pony Club Victoria


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Club and Zone By-Laws

In accordance with the PCAV Handbook of By-Laws

  • Considering that clubs vary greatly in their demographics (membership numbers, age average of members, skill levels, geographic location, facilities etc.) it is not possible for the handbook to cover every scenario. Therefore, it is recommended that club and zone committees formulate written policies and procedures called By-laws that suit their needs for issues not covered in the handbook.
  • By-laws must never contravene, contradict or alter the intent, of PCAV rules or the clubs Rules of Incorporation, sometimes called the ‘constitution’.
  • Issues for consideration as By-laws may be attendance requirements, uniform/attire at rallies, members arriving late and leaving early at rallies, adult supporter participation requirements for equipment/canteen, pack up and set up, ground management issues, club awards etc.
  • Once ratified by the committee, By-laws are rules that all members must abide by. They are rules that apply outside of the Statement of Purposes and Rules of Incorporation but are automatically authorised by the rules of incorporation as a legitimate part of administration.

The advantages of by-laws:

  • By-laws bring committee decisions out of the minutes into a practical and manageable format that is readily available to all members as a by-laws book/document.
  • New members can easily learn what the standards of the club are as the information is easily transferable.
  • By-laws can be changed as required, without going through the arduous process of changing the rules of incorporation.

It is recommended that Clubs (and Zones if they wish) provide a Club Members Handbook, describing all of the issues that members need to be aware of as part of their rights and responsibilities. For instance: where to park their car/float, how to get uniform items; when membership fees are due and so on.