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Club Health Check Online Assessment Tool

Suanne Waugh, Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Australian Sports Commission has developed a new self-diagnosis tool for clubs “Club Health Check“ which will help boost the effectiveness and performance of sporting organisations adapting to changing conditions.

Club Health Check enables sporting organisations to review, examine and improve the performance, effectiveness and capability of their management, operations and services, against key performance indicators.

The tool includes a list of comprehensive questions detailed in plain English, which will assist sporting clubs to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and to drive continuous improvement in key areas of management and operations. The Club Health Check will also help clubs to identify key priority issues, which impact the effectiveness and performance of sports organisations, and to rate them as critical, important or beneficial.

Director of Community Sport at the ASC, Judy Flanagan, said that Club Health Check is a useful diagnostic tool for the effective management and development of sporting clubs in key areas of leadership, planning, resources and membership. ‘Sporting clubs needs to be flexible, innovative and adopt business-like approaches to remain effective and viable in a rapidly changing society,’ Flanagan said. ‘This means devising creative strategies to generate revenue, to attract and retain new members and to deliver quality sports activities in order to survive and prosper.’

The key steps in the Club Health Check process are:

  • Awareness — providing an overall understanding of the process and how the tool works to help your organisation identify strengths and weaknesses of and areas for potential improvement

  • Health check (quick diagnosis) — questions to ask about the health, viability and effectiveness of your sports organisation

  • Detailed diagnosis — identifying key priority issues of impact to the improvement and development of your sporting club

  • Plan forward (remedy) — devising an action plan to build the capacity and development of your sporting club.


The Club Health Check will help sporting organisations to achieve key objectives of attracting and retaining new members, delivering quality sports programs and creating a fun, safe and inclusive setting for all participants.

The Club Health Check is an online self-assessment tool aimed at helping clubs examine how they are operating. The checklist looks at a number of different factors that are crucial to success at club level and together these factors are used to build an overall picture of the way your club carries out its operations. The assessment should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. Once you have answered all questions, a detailed report will be emailed to you which will identify improvements and growth areas for your organisation.

We recommend the assessment be completed by 2 or 3 people within your committee and preferably ‘key’ people who have an overall perspective of the clubs operations and activities. 


Club Health Check Online Assessment Tool