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Suanne Waugh, Thursday, 22 November 2012



Check out the Ready Set Trot website - click here.


Ready Set Trot introduces young people to the world of horses teaching them fundamental horse skills and horse awareness within a safe and fun group setting. As well as teaching young people how to care for horses, Ready Set Trot gives horse mad kids without regular access to a horse the chance to bond with horses, an opportunity to ride a horse and make new friends who share the same interest.


Ready Set Trot consists of two sub programs;

                    Ready Set Trot – Playground skills: increasing horse awareness through physical activity and horse related games using the playfulness and imagination of children. Delivered for free and without the need for a horse, it’s the perfect school sport for horse mad kids.

                    Ready Set Trot – Stable Skills: introducing children to the fundamentals of horsemanship and basic elements of horse riding in a hands-on environment using fun practical games and activities in a group environment. Delivered through accredited delivery centres, it the perfect opportunity for horse mad kids to get a taste of the horse world.  


Sign up as a delivery centre or participant for either program at readysettrot.com


Ready Set Trot is proudly presented by Equestrian Australia, Pony Club Australia and the Australian Sports Commission with the support of Horsezone.


Information for Pony Clubs

Pony Clubs can get involved in this fun and exciting new program by signing on as an accredited Ready Set Trot delivery centre. Involvement in this program is a great way to raise funds and promote your club whilst reaching a new pool of potential club members, recruit new members and raise funds for your club.


Accredited delivery centres are required to guarantee the program will be run professionally and consistently for all participants, provide safe and suitable horses and helmets to each participant and supply an EA or PCA NCAS accredited coach to deliver the program, all acknowledged through a basic safety inspection and accreditation agreement. Accredited delivery centres benefit from receiving a significant portion of the participants registration fee, increasing the clubs income avenues, the promotion and communication reach and the membership recruitment opportunities post-program.


Information for PCA Coaches and Officials

PCA coaches and officials are encouraged to get involved in the Ready Set Trot program in the following capacities;

                    Officials and coaches can support the safety of all participants by becoming a delivery centre Inspector.

                    Coaches who meet the delivery requirements can sign on as a Ready Set Trot delivery centre

                    Coaches can deliver the Ready Set Trot program at an accredited delivery centre


What is the AASC program?

The Australian Government’s Active After-school Communities (AASC) program is a national initiative that provides primary school children with access to free sport and other structured physical activity programs in the after-school time slot of 3.00pm to 5.30pm. Over 190 000 children participate in the AASC program around Australia each term.


By providing children with a positive introduction to sport in a fun, safe and inclusive environment, the AASC program is helping to build the foundation needed for children to naturally and confidently progress into local club sport. The cornerstone of the AASC program is the involvement of the local community, such as sporting clubs, coaches and volunteers who all assist in the delivery of the program.


The Ready Set Trot – Playground Skills program has been approved for use in the AASC program and provides the opportunity for clubs coaches, officials and volunteers to link to schools to deliver this fun new program.


The benefits of club involvement in the AASC program include:

                    Exposure of your club and sport to primary school children, parents, teachers and the local community

                    The opportunity to attract new junior club members and increase community involvement

                    Opportunities to deliver your sport through a paid or volunteer coach in primary schools

                    Access to the Australian Sports Commission’s free Community Coach Training Program (CCTP)

                    Possible grant funding for new sporting equipment to assist with the delivery of your sport and related activities


More information on the AASC program is available online at http://www.ausport.gov.au/participating/aasc



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