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2011 Rule Books now available

Clare Lewin, Friday, 28 January 2011

The Bylaws, Horse Trails and Gear Rules Effective February 1st 2011 are now available to download or purchase

Following a major update with substantial rules changes in 2010 a minor overhaul and ammendments have been undertaken for 2011.

The Colour cover will not be changed so it is important that the correct edition of the book is being used

The following Rule books have been updated and ammended.

All changes are marked with a verical line in the right hand margin. and become effective from FEBRUARY 1st 2011

For a Summary of the major changes in all Rule Books  CLICK HERE. A more detailed summary of all corrections will follow

The Hand Book of Bylaws has had a major tidy up CLICK HERE for 2011 Handbook of Bylaws

The Gear Rules have been ammended and updated CLICK HERE for 2011 Gear Rules

CLICK HERE for 2011 Gear Rules Quick Check Guide

The Horse Trials Rules have been tidied up CLICK HERE for 2011 Horse Trials Rules