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Pony Club Victoria Certificate Resource Books

BWS-A A Worksheets PCAV $15.00  
BWS-H H Worksheets PCAV $15.00  

B Manual

Consists of B Worksheets and B Standard Notes

PCAV $15.00

K Manual

Consists of Worksheets and K  Manual 2013 edition which contains the new K/C* Horse Care Manual - lots of info for looking after your horse

PCAV $25.00

C Star Manual

This Kit has been updated for 2013 - contains lots of information about Horse Care

PCAV $25.00
BWRK-C C Manual - Contains the C Manual and Worksheets (separately bound as from mid 2013) plus a Checklist to aid in making sure all of the necessary components have been covered to complete the C Test PCAV $20.00

BWS-C C Worksheets (only)      

D & D*  Manual


PCAV $20.00
BWRK-E E Manual PCAV $15.00  



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