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Getting Started in Pony Club


Getting started in Pony Club

You have a child who is 'horse crazy' and you want to find out how Pony Club can help you.

Most clubs require members to have their own horse – owned, leased or borrowed, as Pony Club is not like a Riding School that has its own mounts available. However a small number of clubs do run what is called a 'Riders Without Horses' or 'Non Owners' program, which is set up to accommodate young riders who do not have their own horses. They do not always get to ride; sometimes the focus is on horse care and spending time with other kids who like horses.

As the club usually has to find suitable horses for new beginners and be able to take care of them it is not a program that is easy to start. They are also usually limited in the number of RWH members they can take – there can be a waiting list. The PCAV component of fees is available here which includes insurance; club fees are on top of that, and vary from club to club.

You will also need to buy the club uniform, including jodphurs, helmet and suitable riding boots.

Most Pony clubs meet monthly; only a very few meet fortnightly. You can go to a Riding School which would be another way of getting them involved with horses as a start. It is usually a lot cheaper and easier on your free time to start this way -find out if the horse bug is a passing phase or a longer lasting interest. If you are in the inner city the Collingwood Childrens Farm also does some work with kids and horses.

To search for clubs that have a RWH program in your area Go to the heading Zones-Clubs to find the club contact details, including links to their own websites (when they have them). There are not many of them.

If you have a mount available then you should get in touch with your nearest pony club(s). The contact details for all of our clubs are available on our website under the heading Zones-Clubs. The 'all clubs' list brings them up sorted by the zones they belong to. This is a good guide to location, there is also a map under this heading on the website which will show you what clubs are in your area.

If you click on the club name you will bring up the  contacts, the address and also some information about the club. What day rallies are held, uniform requirements, what programs are run. The best person to get in touch with is the Secretary. Bear in mind that sometimes the information on these pages is not totally up to date, although every effort is made to work towards this.

Fees vary widely between clubs, you should contact the individual club for more details.

Minumum Age for Pony Club

PCAV does not have a minimum age for Riders, however some clubs do have a minimum age in their club's rules. It is entirely up to a Club's Committee to decide whether they can accomodate Pre-School Children at their club- every Club is different.