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FAQ Certificates

Q  What are the certificates that pony club offers?

A  Certificates are qualifications that riders can earn by working through the Pony Club Australia Syllabus. Each certificate is aimed at a different level of knowlege and skill, starting with E Certificate for beginners going all the way up to the A Certificate.


The aim with Certificates is to ensure that our riders have a standard level of horse care and riding ability, quoting two of the three main lines from our Mission Statement.

  • To encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all approved types of sport connected with horses and riding

  • To provide instruction in horsemanship and riding and to instil in the members the proper care of their animals.

    To this end all people who instruct at Pony Club are encouraged to do their NCAS Preliminary Level Coaching Course, although this is not compulsory.

  • Click here for certificate types and a description of each one.

Riders Certificates are added to the Rider's database record. Club Secretaries, Card Secretaries or District Commissioners should email membership@ponyclubvic.org.au with details.