Purpose of Form

The purpose of the Day Participant Waiver and Liability Declaration is to ensure appropriate insurance is in place to allow Non-Pony Club members the opportunity to ride Open Pony Club Sections upon the payment of the insurance fee levied by our insurers, or to claim an exemption if the rider holds appropriate insurance through their membership of a recognised organisation, or otherwise insured.

Pony Club Junior, Associate and Adult riding members of any state, through membership, have completed a Waiver and are automatically covered by PCA insurance and do not complete this form.

  • Cost: Non-Pony Club members and PCA/PCV members who cannot prove their PCA/PCV membership must pay $15 per day of participation unless exempt by way of holding insurance (as per Page 2 -Liability Declaration) with an equine organization or hold their own insurance.
  • Insurance Coverage: There is no personal accident cover for Non-Pony Club members. This cover extends to Public Liability only.

Who Completes This Form (both pages)?

All Non-Pony Club members, and any Pony Club member that cannot show their Pony Club card or prove Pony Club membership.


Day Participant and/or Guardian Instructions to Complete Form:

Complete BOTH pages.

All details of the Day Participant Waiver (page 1) must be completed

  • For participants aged under 18, the Waiver must be signed by the participant’s Parent/Guardian.

Complete the relevant details of the Liability Declaration (page 2)

  • If the rider is a member of one of the listed equine associations, fill out the details of the equine association and the member number in the space provided.
  • Tick the box of the equine association the participant is a member of (if any).
  • For participants aged under 18, the Liability declaration must be signed by the participant’s Parent/Guardian.

Organising Committee Statement of Riding Requirements

The organising committee must state what riding requirements (specifications) apply for each grade/class/section of the competition/activity. The specifications must be detailed on the entry information before accepting an entry. The statement must advise: -

A) Which grade the specifications will be equivalent to, if applicable

B) Maximum jump heights and spreads, if applicable PCV Club Members and Interstate Pony Club Members


  • The ‘grade/riding specification’ selected by a Pony Club member in an open section may be different to the grade(s) on the PCV member card.
  • Pony Club members may ride in an open and/or a pony club section on the same mount except in horse trials, but not in the same grade. 

Remitting Day Participation Fees

After the event the Club Official must complete the Day Participant Remittance form and send to the PCV Office with$15/ Day Participant rider within 7 days.The Insurance Policy states that if a claim arises and the Day Participant is not registered as attending on the day in which the claim arises the Insurers have the right to deny all liability.


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