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Code of Conduct - Rider/Participant

Participate and compete within the rules.

Never argue with an official. If you disagree, discuss your concerns with the organising committee or use official protesting procedures to lodge your complaint.

Control your temper. Verbal abuses of officials, organising personnel or other individuals are not acceptable or permitted behaviours in any sport.

Never resort to verbal abuse, harassing behaviour, hostility or violence against any person.

Work to better yourself there is always satisfaction in improving your performance.

If working in a team, work to support your teammates and be positive about your teammates performance.

Be a good sport.

Treat all participants in your sport, as you like to be treated.

Cooperate with your coach, teammates and organising personnel. Without them there would be no competition or activities to be involved with.

Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit, not just to please parents and coaches.

Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.