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SmokeFree Policy


The Pony Club Association of Victoria Inc. recognises that passive smoking is hazardous to health and that non-smokers should be protected from tobacco smoke.

Accordingly, the following policy devised by PCAV applies to all members, State, Zones and Clubs, venues/areas. This policy applies to all members, administrators, officials, coaches, riders and visitors of the Club, Zone and State.


The PCAV policy requires:

  • Administration, dining, eating and office areas to be smoke free.
  • Change rooms and toilets to be smoke free.
  • Cigarettes not to be sold (including from vending machines).
  • Smoking not to be permitted in indoor spectator viewing and riding areas.
  • Hiring out venue to be smoke free.
  • Outdoor spectator grandstands and seating areas to be smoke free.
  • All social functions (including junior events, competitions, dinners, fund raising events, meetings) of the organisation to be smoke free.
  • Coaches, trainers, volunteers and officials to refrain from smoking while they are acting in an official capacity.
  • Riders to refrain from smoking while in uniform.

Non Compliance

Non-compliance with this policy will result in disciplinary action by the Club/Zone or PCAV Executive on behalf of the Council. Note: Non-compliance could place PCAV in jeopardy for Government funding.


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