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Responsible Alcohol Policy


The PCAV is a youth movement and is obliged not to encourage the consumption of alcohol. Coaches, officials and parents should be aware any time they consume alcohol of the example they set.


  • The consumption of alcohol by officials and riders is prohibited for eight hours prior to and during a riding event.
  • The consumption by others at an event should not be encouraged.
  • Underage drinking of alcohol is not to be permitted.
  • At other times, such as the completion of the day’s activities, alcohol may be consumed by legally entitled persons but with the due regard to responsible behaviour and the safety and care of riders, teams and the horses.
  • PCAV chaperones and coaches should not consume alcohol during the period they are responsible for Pony Clubbers during riding events.

Non Compliance

Non-compliance with this policy will result in disciplinary action by the Club/Zone or PCAV Executive on behalf of the Council


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