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PCAV Riders Without Horses - Activity Sheet 4


Pony Club Association of Victoria
Riders without Horses
July, 1999.
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Getting to Know the Gear


  • Lots of long hay band pieces.
  • Scissors.
  • Headstall, Bridle with noseband and snaffle bit.
  • Lead rope – (more than 1 if possible)
  • 'D' Certificate master chart and pens.
  • Show a headstall and discuss what it is used for and how to correctly fit it.
  • Incorporate 'How to Catch' (tick the appropriate square in the 'D' chart made in activity sheet 3.)
  • If you do not have access to a live pony, use the head of a willing child. (be creative)
  • Teach how to hold the lead rope, how to attach it and how to tie it up. (the tie up lesson will need to be taught several times before the blue tick is given).
  • Discuss the lengths of leadropes
  • Teach what is safe and not safe to tie to. For example: tied to a post with hayband is OK but wire with a hayband – No Way! Hayband tied to a float attached to a car – OK, but tied to an unattached float – No Way!
  • When using polyester hayband, demonstrate splitting the band and discuss the reasons why.
  • Go for a walk around the grounds looking for suitable and unsuitable places to tie. If any horses are tied up, discuss if they look OK or Not OK!
  • Take a couple of lead ropes and practise the tie up knot at selected suitable places.
The Bridle
  • Teach about the bridle.
  • How it is fitted, why it is used, where the bit sits, too high, too low. Throat lash too long, too short, noseband too high/low/tight/loose etc.
  • Emphasise that all horses/ponies, at any Pony Club activities must wear a bit.
  • You can make do without a pony for the headstall fitting but to fit a bridle you should have a pony to demonstrate on. If a pony is not available for the whole session, borrow a rider whose pony is bridles for 10 minutes to run through the 'fitting' part. The names of the bridle parts can be discussed later without the pony/
'How to Hold the Reins'
  • Without a pony available, have members plait some hayband to a suitable length. Fix the ends to a fence post or a tree, and use to teach each member how to hold the 'reins' correctly.
  • Teach: two hands, then shorter, then one hand.
  • Teach: uneven, too tight, too loose, upside down etc.
  • Practise dropping the 'reins' and picking them up several times
  • Have the members record activity in their exercise book.