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PCAV Riders Without Horses - Activity Sheet 1



April, 1999.

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    • Paper and Pencils, coloured pens and pencils.
    • Large map of Victoria (optional)
    • Pictures depicting safety scenes (optional)

Introduction to Pony Club:

    • What is a Club?
    • How does a Pony Club differ from a riding school?
    • What sort of a person does a Pony Club endeavour to develop?
    • Thoughtful towards animals
    • Polite to elders and friendly towards other members.
    • Good sportsmanship
    • Helpful with good community spirit.

The Format of PCAV & Club

    • A basic outline of PCAV, for example how Victoria is divided into Zones and each Pony Club is situated within one of these. (A map of Victoria might be ideal).
    • Each Zone has a committee and a Chief Instructor.
    • Each Club has a President, Secretary etc and a District Commissioner and Chief Instructor. (It may be possible to introduce these people)

Guided Tour of the Pony Cub

    • Take members on a guided tour of the Club and its surrounds.
    • Show them all the points of interest with a description on the way.
    • The Club House
    • Canteen
    • Rosters
    • Attendance cards
    • Uniform
    • Tying up area
    • Take members to view each group.
    • 'This is ‘………..’. She is instructing ‘……….’ Group.
    • 'These riders are working towards their ‘……..’ certificates
    • 'They are learning how to…….' Brief descriptions.


    • Safety is enormously important for an unmounted person.
    • Explain some of the dangers of being in the wrong place, in the wrong clothes.
    • Throughout the guided tour, safety issues and considerations can be discussed
    • Observations of correct headgear and footwear can be made.
    • Discuss/show briefly how ponies should be tied up, lined up, lead into and off a float.
    • How not to stand behind.


    • Tell a story of a child who wanted a pony but for all sorts of reasons could not have one, (enlarge on birthday and Christmas requests not answered). One day Mother decided to take the child to make enquiries about joining a Pony Club as an unmounted rider. The big day comes, but it’s a hot day so the child dresses in a cool singlet top, shorts and thongs and heads off to the Pony Club grounds.
    • List all the things that went wrong on the day i.e.: bare toes, bare head, sun burn, dust, horse poo etc. How she nearly got run down by a horse coming out of a float very fast etc.
    • Encourage members to dramatise the story.
    • Two can be the pony (back & front), one mum, one child, one pony’s owner etc.
    • At the end ask members if they noticed during the day what riders did wear on their feet, legs, head.
    • What else did they notice, which may help to keep you safe?
    • If time, draw a picture depicting 'safety'.