Pony Club Victoria



Club Registered Name & Association Number

Section 12 of the Associations Incorporation Act requires the following -

Your Club Name and “Inc.”

As the last word of your club name "Incorporated" or “Inc.” must appear.

When must your club name appear?

The full name of your club, without any abbreviation, must appear in legible characters: -

·               On your club’s common seal (if any)
·               In all business documents
·               In all notices, advertisements and other official publications of your club, which includes web sites and electronic transmissions.

When must the number appear?

Your club registration number as specified in your club’s certificate of incorporation must appear in legible characters.

Make sure all of the "0's" are included, do not abbreviate: -

·               In all notices, advertisements, business documents and other official publications of your club.

Penalties Apply

If any of the above is contravened, your club is guilty of an offence under the Act and liable to a penalty.

For more information visit the Consumer Affairs Victoria website