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How to Set Up Your Membership Year

  1. Login to MyPonyClub  |  Click on CLUB
  2. Go to Membership Settings
  3. Go to Manage Memberships
  4. Click on the ADD YEAR button (if not already done)
    1. Create 2017/2018 year (ring if you need help)
    2. Click on ADD when finished
  5. Go to Copy Membership (ring if you need help), follow the process through.
  6. Set your Club Fees in Manage Fee Categories.
    1. To change any information click on Update.
    2. You can delete anything in this list that is not a one of your Club Memberships.

This is a speedy overview!  If you have any problems with this process please contact the State Office or SMA help desk.  Don’t forget to check out the HELP menu for documents to assist you.  “Club Set Up User Guide” is a good one to look at.

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