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Clare Lewin, Monday, 26 October 2015

Pony Club Australia National Championships 2015

A team of 47 riders competed at the PCA National Championships hosted by PCASA at Murray Bridge. We were represented in all disciplines, dressage, showjumping, eventing, mounted games and the newly introduced sport of tetrathlon which comprises running, swimming, shooting and riding. 

Congratulations to all riders and officials who represented PCAV extremely well. There was great team spirit and determination show by riders some of whom competed through injury and illness. The combined success of all riders contributed to Victoria winning the Roger Braham OAM Shield for the most successful State. Full results are available on the PCAV Website.

AGM Election Results

The PCAV AGM was held on Sunday October 11th at Pony Club Victoria Equestrian Centre.

There was an Election for Vice President Odd Years with Peter Favaloro elected over the presiding Vice President Darrelyn Boucher. There was also an Election for North Eastern Zone State Councilor with Catherine Schwarz the successful candidate over Kammy Cordner-Hunt.

Three Zones have appointed new Zone Representative - Coral Byrne from Barwon Zone, James Lang from Central Zone and Jan Bromwich from East Gippsland Zone. The retiring State Council members were Deidre Davey, Leonie Lang and Julie Carstairs

The Minutes of the AGM and Annual Report are available on the PCAV website.

Expressions of Interest for PCAV Sub Committees

PCAV has several subcommittees responsible for running various events and activities.

There are vacancies on some of these – please contact the PCAV Office if you are interested in becoming part of a PCAV Sub Committee or fill in a nomination form which can be found on the PCAV website.

Management Sub-committees

  • Executive – Annual appointment no vacancy
  • Chief Instructor’s Panel – representational made up of Chief Instructors from each Zone
  • Rules – Annual appointment – 5 members – no vacancy
  • Governance – appointed to work towards change to current PCAV Governance structure
  • Pony Club Victoria Equestrian Centre Committee of Management – annual appointment, no vacancy

Event/Discipline Sub Committees

These organizing committees have been formed to run the relevant state competitions:

  • Dressage & Showjumping State Championships (new committee)
    Purpose:  Conduct the State Showjumping and Dressage Championships event.
    3 year terms - Vacancies available
  • Horse Trials State Championships (new committee)
    Purpose:  Conduct the State Horse Trials Championships event.
    3 year terms – vacancies available
  • InterZone Teams Horse Trials
    Purpose:  Conduct the InterZone Teams Horse Trials event.
    3 year terms
  • Games, Flat & Musical Ride State Championships
    Purpose:  Conduct the Games, Flat & Musical Ride State Championships event.
    3 year terms, vacancies available
  • National Mounted Games
    Purpose:  Conducts the NMG training and development program as well as organising the Inter Zone Mounted Games Challenge event.
    3 year terms, vacancies available.  
  • Tetrathlon (New Committee)
    Purpose:  Formulate a plan to introduce the sport of Tetrathlon to Pony Club in Victoria with the view to establishing this discipline within the Club and Zone and also ulitimately training and selecting riders for future PCA National Championships.  
    3 year terms – vacancies available.  
  • National Championships Advisory (New Committee)
    Purpose:  Advise and fundraise for PCAV teams attending national championships.  
    3 year terms vacancies available.  

PCAV to Host the 2016 International Mounted Games Exchange

The IMGE Exchange takes place between Great Britain, Canada, USA and Australia. There is a roster in place to host the event.

It is Australia’s turn to host the event and PCAV has volunteered to be the host state. The competition and associated tour will take place in November 2016.  Stay tuned for updates on how you can become involved!

Pony Club Victoria Equestrian Centre Update

Working bees will be conducted over the next two months to construct a Grade 5 cross country course. People with skills in the area who would like to help build and learn about Cross Country Course Building should contact Linda Smith on 0419 005 069 or via email l.smithconvey@bigpond.com

Fund raising is a priority for the building of the Grade1 & 2 course and completion of the water complex.  Zones are encouraged to consider contributing to the find raising effort as they will no longer be required to conduct a Horse Trials State Championships every 10 years.

A Business Plan for PCVEC with financial projections will be released in December following the State Council meeting.

New Logo for PCAV

Pony Club Victoria

A style guide for the new logo will be forthcoming and PCAV will forward information to all Clubs explaining how the new logo is to be used. This guide will include templates for embroidery.

The logo can be used in club/zone colours as with the current PCAV Logo.  The PCAV Logo will be Blue & White, used immediately on official Publications and letterhead.  

The current horse tick logo and the new logo will exist in the field on uniforms until old stock is exhausted.